Psychic Detectives, the Secret Weapon for Solving Crimes

Psychic Detectives
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Solving crimes is not always as cut and dry as you may think. Over the years there have been many cases of the police using psychic detectives to help them in solving a case.
Many of you may not believe in people with psychic abilities and would probably say all this psychic detective business is hog wash. But in reality there are many elements such as crystals, cards, mystics, oracles, shamans and even witches that have all been used at one time or another in solving crimes. You can get a bit more information about these abilities in my posts Discovering the Powers of the Mind and Discovering your Sixt Sense, ESP, Deja Vu and Telepathy.
Of course today’s crime solving techniques are so much more advanced than they used to be. With the use of DNA matching, computers, profiling and many other secret lab goodies, the rate of conviction has grown exponentially. Well, at least the rate of convicting the right person has.
But even though solving crimes has become much more accurate, there is still a place in crime fighting for those that possess special skills like the psychic detectives.

Blue Sense, the Special Gift of a Police Officer

The special crime solving skills of a police officer is known as the “Blue Sense”. Seeing how most police uniforms are blue and they’ve been known as the “Men and Women in Blue” the name kind of makes sense. Many of the officers on the police force will have this blue sense but it may also be referred to as a “hunch” or a “gut instinct”.


It’s that special “feeling” that you may get when you suspect that someone is lying, even if there is no reason for them to lie. This blue sense may often times steer the officer into a new direction in search for more leads or in search of evidence. Blue sense is also responsible for many search warrants or acts of re-questioning that shady witness.


Where safety is concerned following a “hunch” or their “gut instinct” may help to avoid danger way before coming into contact with it. When you put all these things together, only one thing comes to mind as far as I’m concerned, a Sixth Sense! If this doesn’t qualify as a sixth sense, then nothing would.


But these are all cases of natural instincts that most all officers of the law have, but what about using actual psychic skills to track down a thief or a murderer.


Psychic Detective, Case of the Missing Guitar Player

A prime example of a psychic detective at work would be this particular case back in 1974. An extremely valuable painting known as The Guitar Player was discovered to be missing from a museum in London, England. It appeared to be victim of a smash and grab theft, but there weren’t many clues to be found. During that time there weren’t any forensic sciences being used, so it was mostly up to old fashioned police work to find the culprit.


Strangely enough a psychic by the name of Nella Jones had received a vision of where this missing painting was being kept and the vision hit her so strongly that she contacted the police. She went into great detail explaining how the thieves had removed the frame and ditched it somewhere else.


Of course the police probably thought she was crazy and sort of dismissed her claim as coo-koo. But being curious they followed her information and it led them to the location of where the frame had been dumped, and it was right where she said it would be! Being shocked beyond belief, the police decided to call Nella out to the scene and ask her for further assistance.


She continued her psychic work and eventually discovered where the metal alarm had been dumped after being removed from the painting. Well of course all of this seemed so far fetched that the police actually put her on the list of suspects. How else could she know all this, right? But after extensive verification, she was finally ruled out as a possible suspect.


In the end, with the assistance of Nella Jones, the picture was psychically recovered unharmed. She had actually made a prediction that a ransom would be sought for the painting, which it was, and guided police to it’s location where it was hidden in a cemetery, simply amazing!


Are Psychic Detectives Taken Seriously

Although not all members of the police force take psychic detectives seriously, there are a few select individuals that they can not dismiss. The problem with finding a good psychic detective is that there are many people who think they have this ability, but it may not always be true. A couple of hunches that wound up as a sure thing and a few lucky guesses later and people instantly think they’re a psychic.


This being the case, police are very selective in whom they trust with the act of psychic detection. Another problem with psychic detectives, is that not all of them are very good at sorting through their own visions and premonitions. If they interpret a vision or thought wrong, it could lead investigators way off track.

But one thing is for certain, if the true gift of psychic detection is ever fully understood and grasped to the point of being able to control this special skill. There won’t be a crime on Earth that will stand a chance, they will all be solved without a hitch.
Do you know of a psychic detective story that you would like to share? Feel free to use the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Psychic Detectives, the Secret Weapon for Solving Crimes
  1. Hello, Well I have strong belief on psychic detectives. I know many persons which have blue sense and they are totally awesome. I really liked this post.

    1. Yep many great detectives use blue sense to solve crimes, it’s definitely a gift. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. This post made me revisit an article (http://bit.ly/12hxj2v) from not too long ago about a psychic named Sylvia Browne. She told the mother of an 11 year old boy that went missing that he was dead. The boy was rescued after being in captivity for four years. Sylvia Browne was not available for comment.

    At the end of the same article, Inside Edition shows a picture of a little girl to a “psychic” detective. They ask the detective to solve this missing persons case. The psychic detective says that the girl died a violent death. This psychic detective is then confronted by the reporter who happens to be the little girl in the photo.

    1. Wow Zack, that’s a couple of major fails on the psychic detectives part. Psychic detection is definitely not something that works perfectly all the time. In fact I would imagine it to be quite rare that the cases are solved by this method. But it for sure has been known to happen. I think a lot of it is based on folks that believe they have this ability, but when put to the test, they are unable to perform like they thought they could.

  3. I don’t think physic detectives should be taken seriously as all of them would simply waste time 😀 . The story of Nella is amazing and i would be googling it for more . Thanks for sharing this interesting information with us !


    1. Thank you Pramod, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and it’s inspired you to seek out more information on these crime fighting wonders.

  4. Hello Robert

    Sounds interesting. I’d guess the “blue sense” is a kind of learned, unconscious skill. Maybe those people have exceptional people-reading skills but they are unaware of how exactly they do it. Body-language reading, voice-pitch change recognition, and other similar abilities that can theoretically be learned, but which some people are kind of gifted with. I’d guess this is the most likely explanation.

    1. That’s very true Matt, the blue sense is more of an unconscious skill that most of these detectives are born with or acquire over time. The true art of psychic detection on the other hand is more of a gift given to only a select few. There are many that claim to have this ability, but the true psychics I believe are few and far between.

  5. A hunch or gut instinct sounds pretty reasonable and true, but the use of cards or any psychic skills is just a scam in my opinion. Its like believing in ghosts or God, you will always have people that believe. Intresting article to read, thanks.

    1. Well Indy I wouldn’t exactly put God into the same category as the others, but I do think that as far as psychics and ghosts go, it’s kind of like germs. They are not easily seen but we can’t deny that they exist. The only sure way of convincing ourselves is to get sick from one.

  6. Hi,

    Although, I generally don’t believe these physic abilities, spoon bending, mind reading, instincts, e.t.c. But this seems something new and intriguing. Nella Jones is popular on the internet all over.

    1. It’s easy to understand why some have a hard time believing in a lot of these things Hugh. But Nella Jones was pretty amazing in her predictions.

  7. I have only just discovered I can solve any crime with help from my Tarot cards and will willingly prove this to anybody who doubts my word.After just 8 months of learning the Tarot I have had results that I can only call a miracle

    1. Very cool Heather. I certainly do not doubt your abilities. These types of methods have produced amazing results in the past, although there are many skeptics, but the proof is in the pudding so they say. Hope you can put your gift to good work. 🙂

  8. I am a psychic and could solve crimes. well how do I get a job to do it. I am applying for crime tech jobs but still no call. I am hoping to get one. I have the degree and psychic abilities.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for reading. I think it’s marvelous the abilities that you have and I know there’s a job out there somewhere waiting for you to jump into. As to where that job is I can’t help you with that. But I do know that more often these days law enforcement have turned to people with special abilities such as yours to help aid them in their cases.

  9. I have never heard of the blue sense before, but it sounds like it would be a great thing for cops to have. Is this something that you are able to develop, or are you born with it? If you could just develop this psychic ability to tell if people are lying then that could make live a bit easier I feel.

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