Discovering your Sixth Sense, ESP, Deja Vu and Telepathy

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Ever heard of “The Sixth Sense”, but I’m not talking about the movie here. Although that movie was pretty cool, there actually is a “sixth sense”, but many people have different views on what exactly it is.

The conscious mind is something that has been pretty well explored and there is a bunch of known information on the workings of it. But when we start digging into the unconscious mind, or subconscious, things begin to get a little hazy.

The world of science is constantly experimenting and performing studies in order to unlock the workings of the subconscious mind. What is known for sure is that it seems to work without any help from our bodies. The unconscious mind has the ability to problem solve, dream, foresee glimpses into the future and even unknowingly make predictions or move objects.

It has been a life long search to discover the inner workings and gain some control over how these things work, but very few have actually succeeded. When we sleep, our conscious minds are at rest, but our unconscious minds continue to work diligently. Could you imagine the possibilities if we were able to control this?

The commonly known human senses are sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. So that’s five senses, what is this “sixth sense” we keep talking about? The sixth sense is actually known as ESP, or extrasensory perception. Is it possible that this is an actual unexplored sense of the human body, or is it just that our other five senses are sensitive to more than we think?

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

There is little doubt that ESP actually exists, but how does it work? Basically what it is, is when someone receives information without the use of their other five senses. Telepathy and fortune telling are also said to be included within the realm of the sixth sense.

Some say that ESP also has some physical attributes to it. For instance, our noses have the ability to pick up on subtle variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. This is possibly the “sense of direction” that some people are said to have. We may also be able to detect changes in the Earth’s barometric pressure and vibrations that move through the Earth. Even though we may not knowingly be able to interpret these “feelings” our brains are still working to process them.

I’ve Been Here Before (Deja Vu)

Have you ever heard someone say, “Ohh, Deja Vu”? Deja Vu is a very strange feeling and is basically the mind telling itself, I’ve seen this before, or something may seem very familiar with a certain situation. It doesn’t act like a normal memory would, for instance, part way into a movie you realize you’ve already seen it. It’s more of a feeling, your mind recognizes a certain situation, but in reality you know you’ve never been there before.

Some people say this is due to having lived this life once before. They say that we live our lives over and over again, or possibly it’s a shadow left behind from another parallel dimension. It is also possible that the unconscious mind recognizes the moment for a split second before the conscious mind has a chance to catch up. When it does reach the conscious mind, we then believe it to be a memory instead.

This is all very confusing and it’s no wonder we have yet to discover the true meanings to all this. Maybe we actually have lived a similar life before, but maybe in a parallel dimension and the two momentarily overlap each other. Until the unconscious mind is fully discovered, we may never know the true reasons for Deja Vu. But the mystery is all part of the fun in my eyes.

Did you Say Something? (Telepathy)

Have you ever said something at the exact same time as someone else? Normally this happens with two people that have been around each other quite a bit. Some people say it’s just because they begin thinking alike, but some may call it telepathy.

Telepathy is and idea or image that is transferred between two people by using the mind. This can sometimes occur over great distances, such as when a Mother knows when her child has been hurt. Normally this is considered something uniquely special and is normally associated with psychics and mystics. But I believe if someone is keen to the ability and can develop their ability and learn to channel it, then anyone can experience this phenomenon.

There are many magicians that fake their telepathic powers as a part of their show. So this has created a wide spread belief that this is all hocus pocus. But it’s not hard to believe when you pick up the phone right as it’s ringing, or when you know a friend has just pulled up in front of your house.

I for one believe that most of these things do in fact have some truth to them. I don’t think these are talents that can be controlled perfectly, but the human brain is quite a complex organ. There are many, many parts of the brain that have yet to be discovered or understood, but I think we are the only ones capable of judging the capabilities of our own minds. Everyone is different and what one person may experience is not the same as others. But there’s no doubt that science will continue to dig into the human mind in hope of finding out exactly what makes it tick.

Have you experienced something like this that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment and help us discover more truths to these amazing gifts.

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  1. Well for me since I was a kid i’d have the same images dreamed and definetly as I got older I kept studying what was going at first I thought something was good was going to happen but no sometime it was significantly bad. What I then really notice was that when I had deja vu something really good could happen or something really bad. After that I immediately stayed on my toes and so I notice I might have some today and then tomorrow n then again 3 days later but what I notice after that was once the waved had stop it was then that something significant so I still could not fully avoid the significant event.

  2. I was working on a project involving a set of numbers for the lottery I worked out that this set of 3 numbers would be valid in the project at a certain date the night before that date I had a terrible terrible itch on my right palm I could not get rid of this itch and I knew what it meant and the next day I won some money I believe it is true if your right hand itches you will be either very lucky or you have very good intuition

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