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Do Flying Monsters Really Exist?

Flying Monsters
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Pretty much from day one our childhoods and stories of fiction have been filled with information about flying monsters and creatures of the night. Do flying monsters really exist is the real question?

Of course fairy tales and science fiction have created a world of unearthly creatures to fill our imaginations, so where do these ideas come from? They say there is always a certain amount of truth to every amazing tale, so is this any different?

The Real Monsters

Monsters have been pretty well documented over the ages that live upon the land and sea. By monsters we could be talking about anything from gigantic prehistoric sea dwelling specimens like Dakosaurus, Tylosaurus and the ever feared Megalodon giant shark. These prehistoric specimens are quite a bit more than just fairy tales due to the fossilized remains that science has uncovered.

Of course we are all familiar with the giant land dwelling monsters, especially those from prehistoric times, the most famous T-Rex. But what about monsters from the sky?  If there were and possibly still are monsters found on land and sea, then they must be in the air as well, right?  About a year ago I did a post called Fiery Serpents in the Sky and we discussed some terrifying tales about folks and their encounters with flying monsters, but I wanted to go into some more information on this subject.

Mythological Creatures of the Air

Mythology has brought us some amazing species, many of which you may already be familiar with. The most famous would the fire breathing dragons that terrorized the middle ages. But there are also lesser known mythological creatures such as the Harpies or the awesome thunderbird centered around American Indian legend.

When I was a kid friends and I would spend hours on end playing the fantasy roll playing game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, this was in the early 1980’s. It was loaded with monsters and dragons of all kinds and this brought a great deal of excitement to the campaigns we would play. But what about the monsters that actual people has said to encounter in their everyday lives?

Eye Witness Accounts to Airborne Monsters

Firstly lets talk a bit about some fossil remains of the pterodactyl. This was a sharp toothed reptile that had an awesome wingspan of over 25 feet. Now if this isn’t a text book example of a flying monster then I don’t know what is! But these fossilized remains of one creature don’t nearly account for all the eyewitnesses that have encountered monsters in the air.

New Jersey: Reports have been produced about a Jersey Devil is about the size of a large crane. It is supposed to have a long thin neck, long back legs with cloven hooves. It’s front legs are short with what appears to be paws. It’s wings are similar to that of a bat with about a two foot wingspan. Now here’s where it gets even weirder. This creature has been seen with either the head of a horse, dog or even a ram. And of course it’s topped off with a long slender forked tail.

Africa: A strange creature called the Kongamato has been reported. It resembles a flying lizard that has smooth skin. It’s beak is full of teeth and has bat-like wings with a four to seven foot wingspan. This description is shockingly similar to that of the prehistoric pterodactyl.

Moving to areas like Washington, Texas and West Virginia in the United States, there have been repeated reports of what’s known as the Mothman. This is a bizarre creature that resembles a man in shape, but is grey in color and of course has large wings. Supposedly who ever comes into contact with this Mothman is stricken with fear. I believe this creature is using some sort of camouflage posing as a human in order to draw its prey near. Of course man is the prey!

Mothman Creatures
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Here is one special eyewitnesses reaction to this Mothman:

“I’ve never had that feeling before, a weird kind of fear. That fear gripped you and held you. Somehow, the best way to explain it would be to say that the whole thing just wasn’t right. I know that may not make sense, but that’s the only way I can put into words what I felt.”

Have you or someone you know experienced a flying monster and want to share your story? Please use the comments below…

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