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Tikker: The Death Watch of Joy?

Family Circus Tikker
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Are you running out of time in the ‘ole ticker?

The ‘ole ticker is an age-old expression referring to one’s heart. The ‘ole ticker is what keeps you going, as long as it has beats left. If you haven’t guessed it already, the ‘ole ticker is referring to your heart – which beats – but if you have a pacemaker, then it could really tick.

However, a special watch has taken this age old saying one step further.

Tikker: The Death Watch with Fun For All Ages (except 100 and older)

Rebecca DeRosa came up with this crazy idea. What if you could wear a watch that predicts how much life you have left, and counts down until 1) death, or 2) the watch battery dies. Either way, something is dying. She named this bright ray of sunshine the Tikker, and it only counts one way…to your death. This watch is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun for all ages (unless you are over 100).

Disclaimer: Not intended for people over 100.

When the time runs out, it is over. “It” meaning your life, in simple terms. The only recompense you have is that you will die one day, alone, in a cold wooden coffin. The choice is yours, however, if you want cedar or pine.

Some may view this as quite a morbid tech gadget to buy. But Rebecca DeRosa paints this product on Kickstarter as the glass is half full. That means she is an optimist about this whole “death on your wrist” gadget, that can be yours, if you choose. The joy is shared with you as you first remove your very own Tikker from the box for the first (and last time), and press the red button that begins the countdown.

Note to the reader: There is only one countdown that brings joy to millions of lives, and that is the one that takes place on New Year’s Eve. Can’t think of any other countdown that brings joy. If you can, please share this in the comments.

Rebecca says that the Tikker is a product that is supposed to make you think about life more, and to essentially help you live every moment as if it is your last. It is supposed to bring joy to your life in a way that couldn’t be realized without a “tick, tick, tick, boom!”

Mr. Pessimist weighs in: This could be dangerous too, if one started taking more risks, and in turn, kicked the bucket earlier than the watch predicts. Then, the watch will be passed down to your kids at your funeral, which have even less time to ‘live’ than you were granted. Doh!

Tikker Gets Funded on Kickstarter…Oh Joy!

The “Tikker” is a watch that first debuted on Kickstarter, a website that allows projects to get crowdfunded, allowing the fully funded products to then become a reality.

The Tikker was funded in only 32 days, and was fully funded as of: November 1, 2013.

If you go on the official Tikker website, you can pre-order your own death watch for a special price of $59.00, and they point out that the watch will not be ready until April 2014. They even state: “We expect the first Tikkers to be ready in April 2014. We ship world wide with super fast mail, because we know you don’t have time to waste.”

Until then, we will be counting down the time until the death , I mean launch of this product.

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  1. The Tikker project seems influenced at some level by the dystopian science fiction action thriller film “IN TIME”

  2. Wearing a Tikker is a statement to the world that your biggest priority in life, is living. 🙂

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