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Cases of Things that Fell from the Sky

Fish Falling from the Sky
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About a year and a half ago I wrote a post on Raining Frogs and Other Strange Rain where we talked mainly on theories surrounding cases of things that fell from the sky.  But I’d like to share some actual cases in a little more detail…

For hundreds of years, there have been many recorded cases  where something unusual had fallen from the sky. When we think about it raining, we normally think of water right? Well, that’s not all that rains down upon the Earth.

The Kentucky Meat Shower of 1876

1876 marks a very bizarre year for Kentucky.  Huge chunks of fresh red meat that measured three to four inches fell from the sky. These chunks of meat showered down over a 100 yard long and 50 yard wide area.

Of course the bizarre substance was immediately identified as meat and some believed it to be either mutton or possibly venison.  An inspection of the meat revealed that it contained muscle, lung and connective tissues.

Many of the locals believed the only possible explanation for this meat shower was a flight of well-fed buzzards must have regurgitated their meal while flying above.

A Flock of 50,000 Birds Plummet to the Earth

It was October of 1954 when the largest recorded incident of dead birds falling from the sky was witnessed.

There were at least 50,000 birds made up of 53 different species that littered the runways at the Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

Some believe these birds had all been caught in a lethal thunderstorm. As the birds were thrust into high altitudes by massive winds, they were beaten and battered by the turbulence.  Unable to breathe or control their flight, they rained down upon the Earth.

Some theories also suggest a similar scenario which included lightning. But since some of the birds had ice covered wings, logic suggests they must have been pulled into high altitudes.

Other Cases of Creatures that Fell From the Sky

There have been many varieties of creatures that have rained down out of the sky. Fish, frogs and toads are the most common. But there have also been some not so savory creatures like beetles, snails, ants and even snakes that have made their way into the book of bizarre rain.

Read some more detailed accounts of strange rain phenomena

In 1872, a massive shower of black worms the size of houseflies rained down on Bucharest, Romania. These black grub worms poured out of a small cloud that popped up overhead. By the time the cloud passed, the streets were blanketed with them.

1894, Bath, England…A shower of jellyfish rained down upon the streets.

1989, Fort Worth, Texas…Bats that were both sick and dying rained down on the residents below, causing everyone to run for cover.

That’s just a few cases that I wanted to share with you. There are many possible explanations as to how these phenomena occur. But it certainly is more fun to leave it a mystery.

Have a first-hand account of seeing something strange and unusual rain down from the sky?

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