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Mysterious Disappearances, People Vanish without a Trace

Mysterious Disappearances
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Is it possible for people to simply vanish without a trace? Mysterious disappearances have been happening for ages and no one seems to know what has happened to these people.

There are many conspiracy theories as to why or how people may vanish into thin air. Anything from alien abduction to moving between alternate realities and universes have caught blame. But rational tells us that these are not real possibilities…or are they?

I’ve been watching the series, “Fringe” and of course the whole concept behind that show is that an alternate universe exists that is just like our own. In that universe are different versions of ourselves and places that exist in our universe. But everything must stay in sync, if something is removed from one universe, then it must be traded off by something of equal mass in the “sister” universe.

Of course this concept is science fiction as far as we know, but it does kind of make sense. So watching this series got me curious, the next logical step was to do some research into some victims of mysterious disappearances. Here’s what I came up with…

Orion Williamson Vanishes without a Trace

In July 1854, a farmer by the name of Orion Williamson was sitting in his chair on the porch of his home near Selma, Alabama. He got up and walked out across a field on a mission to bring his horses in from the pasture.

His wife and child were on the porch watching Williamson as he wandered across the field and all the sudden Orion just vanished without a trace. His neighbors on the far side of the field were also outside and witnessed this event. In fact they had just waved to him right before his mysterious disappearance.

Witnesses searched the field thoroughly but were unable to find any trace of Williamson. They scoured the ground for clues or signs of a hole in the ground or anything that would explain where he had gone, but they came up empty handed.

In the days to follow, the field was covered with searchers, bloodhounds and journalists, but no sign of Orion Williamson was ever found.

David Lang’s Mysterious Disappearance

David Lang’s mysterious disappearance is familiar to me, as we briefly discussed his case before. It was a popular case that could have been linked to Teleportation and Traveling Between Dimensions.

His case was shockingly similar to Orion Williamson’s disappearance. On September 23, 1880, David Lang set forth across the field in front of his home near Gallatin, Tennessee, and he too up and vanished like a fart in the wind! This is another case where his wife was standing right there to be witness.

There were also two other witnesses to this bizarre event. Judge August Peck and his brother-in-law had just arrived and were waving to Lang from their buggy as they pulled up. Again searchers looked feverishly, but David Lang was never found.

Now there is an odd trend beginning to form here. Both Williamson and Lang disappeared while crossing a field as their wife and two other witnesses were watching.

Farmer Isaac Martin will Also Vanish without a Trace

Here is another case involving a farmer that disappeared into thin air while crossing into a field. There is little information about this case, other than what appeared in the New York Sun on April 25, 1885.

Oddly they said there may have been no witnesses to this disappearance. So I wonder how they found out?

The Vanishing Charles Ashmore

16 year old Charles Ashmore of Quincy, Illinois walked out into the night carrying a water bucket in November of 1878. Eventually his father and sister went looking for him when he did not return.

They followed his footprints that were seen in the snow until the prints suddenly stopped about half way to the water well. It was as though Charles Ashmore was simply plucked off the face of the Earth.

Other Mysterious Disappearances

Christmas Eve, 1889 an eleven year old boy by the name of Oliver Larch went to fetch water in his South Bend, Indiana hometown. Witnesses heard him cry out for help right before he would vanish without a trace.

Again on Christmas Eve, this time in Rhayader, Wales 1909, eleven year old Oliver Thomas went out into his yard to get water. Witnesses to this disappearance heard him cry out:

“Help! Help! They’ve got me.”

And once again, his footprints suddenly stopped half way to the water well.

I don’t know about you, but the extreme similarities between many of these cases is very disturbing. It was either the same scenarios, such as crossing fields or going to fetch water. And in the last two cases, both boys were eleven years old and their first names were Oliver!

Believe me, these are just a few cases I’ve talked about here. There’s no telling how many cases of mysterious disappearances that have happened which were never documented or revealed to the public. You can continue the research by checking out Vanished! Unexplained Disappearances. The stories just get weirder and weirder the more digging you do.

Could these mysterious disappearances be intervention from another planet, or maybe these people have crossed into another dimension. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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    1. Hard to say Sayid, some people believe they may either be victims of alien abduction, or that they may of slipped into a parallel universe. Since they were never found and simply vanished right in front of other peoples eyes, it’s hard to get answers. Very strange indeed!

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