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What Does the Inside of a UFO Look Like

We’ve all heard rumors and stories about abduction and close encounters of many different kinds. But what does the inside of a UFO look like? You don’t hear too many stories from abduction victims explaining intricate details of the spacecraft itself.
Most of these stories and tales of abduction are foggy memories of bright lights and alien beings hovering over them with probes and instruments foreign to this world. But if you ask a select few the question, “What does the inside of a UFO look like“, they will amaze you with explanations of amazing technologies and things almost beyond our comprehension.

The Abduction of Franck Fontaine

One certain testimony I’ve researched belonged to Franck Fontaine. In November of 1979 his adventure began by him being abducted in Cergy-Pontoise, France. He actually seemed to find it quite hard to recall his experience and it’s said he was very reluctant to discuss any details that he did remember.
But from what he was willing to share he discussed remembering a sort of couch that he was laying on. At least a couch was the easiest reference he could give and I’m sure it wasn’t like your everyday living room furniture. He said the room he laid in was completely white and the walls were lined with machines.
All of these machines were the same size in height with white glass fronts that would occasionally light up. Surprisingly his story was remarkably similar to the story given by a man named Ted. His story is documented in the book Abductions (1989) written by Dr. Edith Fiore. I will share an excerpt with you.

“I’m in a room in some kind of craft. And the room is round and there’s lights and dials along the wall. On one side there’s all kinds of dials and lights in little screens… The room is small… I have a feeling like it’s maybe about 12 feet across. Maybe from the floor to the ceiling it’s also about 12 feet. It’s very clean, very smooth, and it’s domed. There’s almost no furniture in it except for the panels of lights and this table that contours around the room.”

This description was given to Dr. Fiore by Ted while he was under hypnosis.

UFO Descriptions and How They’re Similar

If you put together many different testimonies, you would be surprised how similar the descriptions are. The machines and lights are very commonly discussed by abductees, but the rooms may vary from either round or oval in shape. But it’s quite common to hear that the rooms ceilings have a domed contour.

More Abduction and the Stories

Dr. Fiore’s had many case studies with many individuals. She acquired a large collection of testimony that she compiled into her book “Abductions” Let’s take a look at a few more and see how they compare to one another.
A woman named Sandi also shared her experience with Dr. Edith Fiore. She spoke of being abducted and taken aboard the alien spacecraft for a bizarre experience. She stated:

“The end [of the room] that I was looking at is curved… it was the long end of the oval, I think. It wasn’t that huge a room, but I was looking at the seam. It seemed like it was domed. And the seam, the seam between the top half and the bottom half. I thought, how unusual… It was domed on the top and the bottom. There weren’t square corners.”

Antonio Villas Boas from Brazil was abducted in October of 1957. He talks about some unusual details that aren’t quite as common as some of the ones we’ve discussed thus far.

“Above… was a kind of inscription of red illuminated signs. The lighting gave the effect of the signs being raised…above the surface of the door. They did not have the slightest sign of similarity to any writing I know.”

But he did get into some parts of his description that are shockingly similar to the others. He stated that…

“So we all went into this room, which was…a half oval in shape. The walls here gleamed [similar to polished metal]… in the middle stood a round, apparently solid pillar which narrowed in the middle…it supported the ceiling. The only furniture in the room was an unusually shaped table and several swiveling stools, like one sees in bars. Everything was made from the same metal. The table and stools had one central pedestal…in the case of the stools it was joined to a movable ring by three protruding struts and let into the floor. In this way anyone who sat on them could turn in any direction.”

Can the UFO Abduction Stories be Trusted

Ok folks, now with some careful observation of these descriptions one thing becomes evident. Such as Boas describing the furniture he witnessed on board the spacecraft. His description of the furniture sounds much like the new modern style furniture that would have been around in the 1950s.
If you take a closer look to many of the abduction stories over time, the things described by the witnesses seem to progress as our own technology progresses. Meaning, as our understanding of technology and thoughts of futuristic possibilities gets more imaginative, so do the things described in these tales of abduction.

Now I’m not saying that all these abductions are in fact a hoax, but I’m not saying they’re not either. I do believe that the possibility of life is almost certain outside our own planetary system. But do I believe beings from other planets are coming to Earth and abducting our citizens? Well, I haven’t totally made up my mind on this one yet.

If we are in fact talking about living beings from other planetary systems that are advanced way beyond our comprehension, then could it be possible that they are planting the stories within these abductees mind so it does create skepticism? Is all of this some form of advanced brain washing?

Are there really that many people from all reaches of the Earth making all this up in an attempt to gain attention? Could their stories be that shockingly similar even though they hadn’t read or heard any of this from anyone else? That’s the thing that tends to leave me a bit baffled, because it’s known that many of these “victims” are without a doubt scared and truly feel they’ve been violated.

Of course we can’t excuse the theory that maybe these abductions are an evil ploy by our own governments. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe it’s them conducting all the experiments? We can go into a huge conspiracy spill here, but I’ll leave you all with these thoughts to ponder.

One thing is for certain, there is something going on with all this, but where the facts stop and the B.S. starts is anybody’s call.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “What Does the Inside of a UFO Look Like
  1. it is never proven till now.
    But the instances of seeing UFO and its interior are quite common.

    In some of the instances, people also claim that they have also seen some of the scary creatures.
    What to believe is all upon you!

  2. Yes, Photos and also Videos dont matter… and to be honest, even first-hand experiences count for nothing in the eyes of a skeptik…

    1. You are so right Martin. The skeptic has firm beliefs to the contrary of anything they do not fully understand. Although you can’t blame them in some instances…lol

    1. It’s some scary stuff to think about for sure. If they are truly out there, then why are they being so sneaky and why would the government want to cover it all up. Either they are afraid of the consequences of the world finding out, or there are devious intentions at play.

  3. This is an amazing article!!!I really like it. I’m sure it wasn’t like your everyday living room furniture. He said the room he laid in was completely white and the walls were lined with machines.Amazing thinking!!Thanks for your sharing.

    1. It really is hard to say on this one. There have been so many eye witnesses that have come forward with stories and they are all shockingly similar in detail. There has to be more to all this than just a hoax. Plus it’s not just a select group of people, so that rules out the possibility of a few folks feeding off of the other peoples fears. I have no doubt that something out of the ordinary has happened to these people. In due time we will know the answers.

  4. Why is it so difficult for some people to accept the existence of aliens and ufo? I mean universe is endless and planets are countless. Open your minds! We are definitely not alone.

    1. Well said Kostas! Personally I think it takes a pretty small minded individual to believe that we are the only living cells in this vast Universe. But hey, who am I to judge?!? 🙂

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