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Things I’ve learned about Cars on YouTube

Wrecked Cars

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Driving is a brilliant thing. At school, you look up with awe and amazement at the sixth formers jumping in their cars and driving off for lunch at the local McDonalds, while you queue like a lemming for sloppy mash potato.
Learning to drive isn’t quite so brilliant – keeping your hands in the ten and two position constantly, while your instructor rudely stops you from driving carelessly by utilising his dual control pedals.
But let’s be honest, most of your learning comes after you’ve passed your test and you’re finally free. And I am proud to tell you that I’m still learning to this day – and all of my learning happens online.
Oh yes, that’s right. YouTube is a school of motoring in its own right, with one slight difference – it teaches you how not to drive…
When a video has 4 million views, you know it’s going to be good. And this one was so good it made the national news, and is arguably the lord of the internet’s numerous bad driving videos. I’m not a fan of stereotypes so when someone bangs on about women not being able to drive, I tend to stop listening. But with videos like this? Come on ladies – you’re not doing yourself any favours!
Parking is a contentious issue amongst drivers, and sometimes it really can be a bit of a pain for all concerned. And while the woman in the first video took a hell of a long time to get in an absolutely ginormous space, and least she didn’t damage the vehicle (well, other than running down the battery…)
The same can’t be said for the driver of this car:
Sometimes when you’re driving along you do find yourself questioning the decision making of other drivers. Well now you can have the same feeling from in front of your computer too.
The second video just makes you shake your head in disbelief, whereas the first? How do you not notice that you’re about to hit another vehicle?
(Have to be honest – I did laugh at the taxi that just went straight round him afterwards… maybe deserved for the ridiculous attempt at driving a car?)
Have you ever had to go through two big iron things on your way in or out of a car park? Yes? Really difficult isn’t it, you know, having to judge your positioning to make sure you don’t touch the sides (much like driving down a road, perhaps..) Well, check out the driver of this vehicle. Sometimes it pays to, you know, look where you’re going…
We end, with a little trip to Italy. This video is painful to watch, and a little bit slow moving at first, but bear with it. The Fiat 500 may be known as a nippy town car that can fit in small spaces, and if you’ve ever been to Italy you’ll have noticed the locals don’t take much care of their vehicles… but just look how this situation turns out!

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20 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned about Cars on YouTube
  1. By heartily I want to tell you the article which you are produce is really amazing !!! But I want to ask you a question !! The third video which you are showing in the row is really true or only making video for fun !!

  2. Its a shocking stunts on this video much like your sharing Arvid Linde with oddrandomthoughts members. But Such kind of funny and embracing even happens in real life.

  3. Actually its an funny video clip…and its an amazing way of parking and a made a loss of other… 🙂

  4. Hi Arvid.
    Youtube is a great place for entertainment. I have seen the live accident and a person walks away. That was awesome and Thanks to GOD the no one was hurt. I got injured while riding with my buddy back to home from college. That was really hurting . It is important to be careful on the roads.

  5. Wow this is an amazing article.I like this video of cars.You tube is very good way for entertainment.In this article you can see that when cars had taken a part in race it is necessary that the tyres must be in best condition.I really love your article.Thanks for sharing this!!!!

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