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Is Eldorado just a myth for the Golden city?

The Golden City

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The yellow metal we know as gold has always fascinated human beings from the days past. There are many instances where people have accumulated mounds of gold, and almost all civilizations have gold high on their priority lists. But what if we had a city where we would find nothing but gold? Yes, this is a special place known as “The Golden city”.
Many of us might be acquainted with the fact that the oceans have a large stock of gold for every one of us. As according to a rough estimate: If all the gold present in the immense oceans and other water bodies was some how extracted, there would be enough of it so that every human would get 20 kg! So, is 20 kg enough? Why bother with a city of gold? It is because human wants are insatiable. For centuries the legend of Eldorado, the fabulous land of gold, led many to make some adventurous and courageous feats. Almost all of them lost their life and remaining, lost their reputation.

Multiple Significance of Eldorado

The word Eldorado has multiple significance for different adventurers. To some, it meant the golden man but some signifies it as a golden land. Anyhow, Eldorado became a hypnotic legend and allured many adventurers to lose their fortune, reputation and live in its vain pursuit.

Expeditions for the golden city

Before the 19th century, there have been many expeditions for the search of Eldorado. In 1530, a Spanish adventurer Francisco Pizarro set sail from Panama. In 1536, Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada started his journey from Colombia’s northern coast. When Quesada failed for the first time, he restarted his journey in 1568. One after the other, expeditions were made worldwide for the land of gold but everything went in vain. But, myths die hard. By the beginning of the 19th century, the quest for Eldorado passed to a new breed of adventurers. Two such were Humboldt and Bonpland. They travelled extensively and finally concluded that the search for Eldorado was futile and there was no such land.

The result of the Expeditions

Thus, ended the search for Eldorado- the golden city; the golden land. The expeditions failed to discover the gold but in their pursuit they discovered unknown tribes, platinum, silver, bauxite and manganese. And above all, they discovered oil in the lake of the Maracaibo basin of Venezuela. Thus, it was all the lure of possessing gold that led to these strange and weird adventures. In this regard, the search for the golden city- Eldorado has been the strangest of all. What do you feel about possessing the gold and the Eldorado as a myth is what is displayed in the comments section below. I shall be pleased to see some value for my research indeed!

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  1. hi JC,
    I really thank you and appreciate what you have researched on this topic. It really feels awesome when you get this kind of feedback from your readers.
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  2. They are still things that we don’t know about our history… I think it’s fascinating to learn things from what our long ancestors did, the way they saw the world and most of all the stories and the explanation they gave! I hope someday to gather enough information to enlight our dark history! Very good article and greater research!

  3. hi Buddy,
    thanks for the valuable comment.
    I do agree that there are a lot of discoveries still to be made.
    Earth has many secrets for us to reveal.

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