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How to Hire an Offshore WordPress Development Company

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Nowadays many big companies like Mtv, BBC, ESPN and others run their websites on WordPress, why? The reason is simple because WordPress is a great tool to customize your website content easily and requires no heavy technical knowledge of programming.

It is an open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL programming language and shares more than 81% of traffic on internet. Thus, if you want to run your website on the internet better than ever, then WordPress must be your prudent choice. But to do that, the knowledge of PHP and MySQL is a prerequisite. However, you can’t comprehend all the technical skills and programming languages in a single day and can’t put your business on stake yet.

Hiring an offshore WordPress development company like code poet, Mediafire solutions, OSS media, wordsuccor etc. will be a sagacious decision and economical as well. It will save both your precious time and money. However, hiring an offshore WordPress development company is not an easy-peasy task in itself. It requires good knowledge and experience in this field but if you are doing this painstaking task for the first time, then you definitely shouldn’t worry, because I am here to help you.

I am going to give you some tips for hiring an offshore WordPress development company to make your website more livable, searchable and better than else.

  • Explore an experienced person– This choice will be great if you find an experienced person because he or she has a good experience and has been a veteran in this technical field for a long time. He or she knows well which company is better in programming and how much workforce it has. In addition, he can assist you with the ups and downs in hiring an offshore WordPress developing company and can tell you how to deal with it. This option will reduce your time, money and energy significantly and you are able to hire the best among good ones.
  • Search on Google– This is second best option you have. Through this you have an ample amount of companies which will cater to you and your condition. The best thing of this option is you can compare many companies, see their credentials, and negotiate with them to find the one that will serve you as per your guidelines and even at a lower price compared to others.
  • Hire a reputed company– Today, end number of companies is working on WordPress and each company shows his expertise on working with WordPress development. So, it becomes difficult for new ones to distinguish the best among them. But no worries, for this; see the company reputation on internet. You can fathom it easily by seeing the number of projects completed by the company till date. The higher the number of completed projects, the higher the companies reputation will be among its clients.
  • Visit the company’s portfolio and blogs– Find the company’s blog and seek solution of your problem, whether they have access to your acute problem genuinely or not. For this you can go through top company’s blog and can ask for help from their support team. This will help you a lot in negotiating with the company’s developing team before hiring an offshore development company. Moreover, it will save your and their time and money as well.
  • Check out clients’ feedback– I listed this option last because following the above steps you have made a list of top, offshore WordPress development companies. But if you ignore this step, then how will you know the behavior of that company in respect to their clients? By checking this out, you can comprehend that the said company is professional in his working and can provide you a required amount of work within a definite period of time. Thus, it will save both your money, time and also enhance reputation of your website among your target user.

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6 thoughts on “How to Hire an Offshore WordPress Development Company
  1. To work with a provider who operates with an offshore company is advantageous for both parts – the provider and the buyer. The services will be much more convenient in terms of price, because the web developer can offer a competitive price due to the benefits that he can reduce the taxes.
    But from the customer side, it’s always important to ask for work references.

  2. About two years ago when we started our website, we were doing the same search of information and skilled talent as outlined above and wish we had this article at the time to help us. We ultimately decided to hire several people through Elance. A place to find independent contractors to help us with several aspects of our website.

  3. Hey Kiara,
    All of your tips are relevant and understandable but the clients feed always play an major role in selecting any company.
    And also thanks for the post.

  4. This entire article very helpful for bloggers or web owners to maintain their website’s. These are the good tip to know how hire offshore WordPress Developer.

  5. It’s one of the great post.Helpful tips how to select offshore wordpress Developer.please update more.thanks for share it.

  6. Hi Kiara,
    You have shared some of the important points. I would simply say good job.
    And thanks for sharing.

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