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Missing Persons from the Air

Missing Persons Amelia Earhart
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Over the years there have been many strange and unexplained missing persons from the air. Some of these we discussed in my post Unexplained Disappearances at Sea, but I want to go over a few that have a little more conspiracy attached.
Of course we all know that electronic equipment and vehicles can malfunction at times and some even wind up crashing violently either on land or at sea. The engine may malfunction, they could have mass instrument failure or even run out of fuel. We also know that many missing persons have yet to be found. If a plane crashes many miles from land over water, or over a remote area, it could be years before these vessels are actually found. But as the mysteries unfold, we find that some of these cases either involve the passengers being missing and to no avail, are never found.

Amelia Earhart’s Final Journey

An American aviator by the name of Amelia Earhart, made her first voyage in 1937 as the first person to fly from the Red Sea to India. This was a mere portion of her main quest to fly all the way around the world! It was also the start of her missing persons case.


So without hesitation she departed Lae, New Guinea with almost 7,000 miles of Pacific Ocean ahead of her. Her flight was heading to Howland Island, but regrettably, she never arrived.


There was a massive search issued but nothing of her or her plane were ever found again. According to the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca that was sailing off of Howland Island said they picked up a transmission from her. This last transmission said, “We must be on you but cannot see you…gas is running low.”


Some Missing Persons Theories

One of the theories states the Itasca was at fault. Suggesting that they should of transmitted a guiding signal so she could find her way. But since they did not, she continued to travel blind and ran out of fuel which caused her to crash into the ocean.


Some theorists believe she may of landed on a deserted island or may of been redirected by Japanese planes to the island of Saipan where she was imprisoned. This may of sounded far fetched, but it happens that a marine had actually found Amelia’s briefcase on Saipan during World War II, it was full of maps and documents. The briefcase was handed over to an officer, never to be seen again. The same goes for Amelia and her plane, no sign of either.


One things for certain, some will continue to search for the Amelia Earhart truth.


Missing Persons, D. B. Cooper

D. B. Cooper is a name that is recognized by nearly anyone you say it to. He is famous for the man that hijacked a Northwest Orient 727 airplane in 1971. D. B. Cooper boarded the plane where he claimed to have a bomb. He then directed the pilot to land in Seattle, Washington, there he swapped the crew and the passengers for $200,000 in $20 bills and also four parachutes.


Then he ordered the pilot on a route to Reno, Nevada and told them to leave the cabin unpressurized. But before they would arrive, a warning light signaled that the rear door had been opened. Once investigated, it was discovered that D. B. Cooper, the money and all the parachutes were no where to be found.


This famous pseudo name of D. B. Cooper has become inspiration for many tall tales of espionage, theories, rumors and even books and songs over the years. But the strangest thing of all, is that D. B. Cooper and his whereabouts have never been discovered. No one knows if he’s living it in luxury somewhere, or if he had un unsuccessful jump from that plane and wound up dead. There are many vast reaches of Washington forest that he could of possibly landed in. Who knows, maybe he landed poorly and broke his legs, where he laid only to be mangled by forest creatures or die of starvation. We will probably never know the true fate of D. B. Cooper.


The Devil’s Bridge Mystery

It all happened in a village near Devil’s Bridge located in central Wales, the time, 1999.


People in this village noticed there were three military aircraft flying overhead, then suddenly, one of them disappeared. Shortly after they spotted smoke rising up from the thick woodland that was nearby.


So the emergency services were dispatched and a large scale search was issued, but nothing was found. Still to this day, nothing has been discovered of this apparent plane wreck and smoke that was seen.


After questioning the Ministry of Defense about the incident, they were adamant there had been no aircraft missing from their fleet. Some people believe this may of been some sort of mass hallucination, but I find that highly unlikely. So where in the world did the plane come from, and more importantly, where did it go?

There are endless amounts of cool and interesting stories about missing persons and missing aircraft or boats that usually end with the same result, Nothing Found. But why is this truly happening?
My personal belief could be the “needle in a haystack” theory, suggesting that the areas these vehicles were lost in were simply too large of an area to cover while searching. But something a bit more interesting that has crossed my mind, is a possible parallel universe coming into play.
Is it possible that if only for a moment, to parallel universes or opposing dimensions crossed paths? Just long enough for us to see part of it and catch a glimpse of something that wasn’t really happening in our dimension or time? Could these be mere shadows from the past showing themselves one more time, similar to that of a Replay Haunting?
Let me know your theories on what happened to these people, who knows, maybe we’ll start our own missing person search or even solve a mystery together!

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    1. I hear ya Evan, these things are so bizarre, and there has to be an explanation for them. But I’m thinking the real answers may almost be too much for some.

  3. I’ve seen many documentaries about D.B Cooper and I think it’s a fascinating story. To this day no one knows what exactly happened. Great article Robert

    1. Thanks Stephen! This is an interesting story for sure. You know, there are some people that still believe they will stumble upon the fortune of D. B. Cooper and continue their search for his landing spot to this day.

      Then there are those that believe his stolen treasure has already been found. We may never know for sure, but the stories live on my friend!

  4. Is it possible if that only for a moment two parallel universes or opposing dimensions crossed paths? I think probably not, but defiantly sounds weird! Some good stories, Keep up the great content!

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