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Getting Lost in Alaska

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I was just watching a show on TV that was discussing some strange disappearances that have taken place in Alaska.  Alaska if full of all kinds of beautiful terrain and landscape but there is also a lot of yet to be charted territory within the region.  Alaska consists of a lot of wilderness landscape and I can see how it would be easy to get lost in such a place.  But I believe there is something more of a supernatural nature going on here.

Alaska’s very own Bermuda Triangle

There is an area of Alaska that stretches from Juneau to the Barrow mountain range, then back down to Anchorage.  From Anchorage to Juneau to Barrow and back, this forms a a nice triangle that spans across a good portion of land through the middle of Alaska.

The native Indians of Alaska are firm believers of this phenomenon and have even integrated it into their religion.  It’s there belief there is an evil spirit, half man/half otter, that actually kidnaps the lost and those that have wondered out of their known surroundings.

Even most of this sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, there is some truth to it.  There is a elevated amount of people that have become missing in this area.  Alaska actually has the highest national average for missing persons.

Some Bizarre Incidents

August 12, 1937, there was a Soviet test flight heading from Moscow to New York City.  This flight was made as a study for transpolar flights between Asia and North America.   The last radio contact received from the aircraft was 300 miles past the North Pole as they headed to Alaska.  The flight simply disappeared, it was believed to of crashed, but no sign of it was ever discovered.  In 1999 a member of the Minerals Management Service in Anchorage thought he saw a possible aircraft via sonar imagery on the sea floor.  A year later when a submarine was launched in search of this airplane type image, there were not traces to be found.

October 16, 1972, a flight of 4 was heading from Anchorage to Juneau and their flight vanished somewhere near the Chugach mountain range in southeast Alaska.  This was a political flight with two members of Congress aboard, Hale Boggs (House Majority Leader of Louisiana) and Nick Begich (Representative of Alaska) and it actually launched the largest search in History up until that time.  There were 40 military and 20 civilian aircraft involved in the search.  After an intense 39 day search, the efforts were finally ceased without any signs of the aircraft or passengers.

February 10th, 1977, a military flight from Elmendorf AFB to Salamon, Alaska disappeared somewhere near Mount Iliamna.  The flight was for transporting military personnel and was carrying 4 passengers.  This disappearance launched a 15 day effort using aircraft and people on land, again nothing was found of the aircraft or passengers.

There are many areas of the world that have similar instances involving boats, ships, aircraft and the like.  No one knows for sure what the cause for these disappearances are.  Some believe it’s supernatural, or alien intervention.  Some say it could be due to magnetic disturbances within these certain areas.  The actual Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida USA is very famous for this kind of activity.  There has been mention of air pockets releasing enough gas from the sea bed to sink ships as being one possible reason.  Who knows exactly what it is.  But I for one think it’s quite amazing these crafts and vessels weighing several tons can just up and disappear.  Could this all be a government conspiracy?  Maybe one day these truths will be revealed, but for now the mysteries remain unsolved.

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