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10 Strange Inventions: From Pierced Glasses to The Snot Sucker

The world is full of strange and unusual inventions. From pierced glasses to the snot-sucker, there are many inventions that seem bizarre to say the least. In this article, we will discuss 10 strange inventions that have been created in recent years!

There have been many strange inventions that seem bizarre to say the least. The world is full of weird things but these are some really odd ones which can’t be ignored. They were probably invented by people who were either bored or just wanted a good laugh!

Strange Inventions Pierced Glasses
Photo by Christelle Hayek on Unsplash

Strange Invention #1: Pierced Glasses

Pierced Glasses were invented in 2004 by a man named James Sooy. These glasses were not your ordinary pair of reading spectacles. They didn’t have arms on them like a normal pair of glasses, so how did you wear them? Here comes the interesting part…

You would need to get a piercing surgically implanted into your nose. The glasses would then connect to the implants. After which, the days of glasses slipping down your nose would become a thing of the past.

Strange Invention #2: The Bulletproof Bed

Are you consumed with fearful thoughts when you go to bed? Perhaps you fear being shot? Strangled? Attacked by Zombies? Then worry no more my friend, we have just the bed for you. It’s known as “The Bulletproof Bed”

It is my pleasure to introduce the Quantum Sleeper. It has a coffin-like design and is capable of protecting you from attacks, fires, and even some natural disasters. It has a revolutionary airtight, cozy and waterproof interior that features an air filtration system. It can be fitted with DVD screens, a refrigerator, and even a microwave!

Strange Invention #3: The Portable Crosswalk

Have you ever come to a busy street and you finally find a place to cross, then realize there’s no crosswalk? Then you need The Portable Crosswalk. It’s a vinyl sheet that has a crosswalk printed on it. All you have to do is unroll it across the street and hope that the traffic abides. However I’m not sure this strange invention is considered legal…lol.

Strange Invention #4: Sauce-Dispensing Chopsticks

If you’re a super busy go getter and don’t have the time for simple things like dipping your sushi, then check this out. The sauce-dispensing chopsticks have a small squeezable reservoir that can be filled with your favorite sauce. Simply squeeze the end of the chop stick and the sauce is dispensed. I believe they will set you back around $20, but would really be worth the price for those on the go.

Strange Invention #5: The Drymobile

We live in a time where conserving energy and making things more “green” is quite important to our eco system. So the drymobile definitely fits the bill. This contraption is a rack that you can attach to your car. Then place your laundry on the rack and go driving around town running your errands. That laundry will be dry in no time by using nothing more than Mother Nature herself. Just beware of the weather report, a nice rain storm and you’ll have to start all over!

Strange inventions one cut nail clippers
“Nagelknipser vor weißem Hintergrund” by marcoverch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Strange Invention #6: One-Cut Nail Clippers

Good hygiene and staying nicely groomed is very important, at least to some folks it is. However taking the time to clip those fingernails or toenails can be quite a waste in our busy schedules.

The One-Cut Nail Clippers have come to the rescue. It comes equipped with a series of five separate nail clippers that you can use all at the same time. Simply line up the clippers over each toe or finger and clip them all at once.

Strange Invention #7: The Gas Grabber

Now this strange invention is actually a pretty good idea haha! The Gas Grabber is a handy dandy charcoal filter that you slip into your underwear. When the time comes for that unsavory gas to pass, this filter will stomp out the smell. The filter used was actually invented by the British. It was used to help protect soldiers against nerve agents!

Strange Invention #8: The Grin Grabber

This one is by far the strangest invention yet in my opinion. For those unhappy folks out there though, it might be just the thing you need. The Grin Grabber is a pulley system that contains two hooks. Attach one hook to each side of the mouth and pull the string. Your friends will be greeted with an instant smile from ear to ear!

Strange Invention #9: The Snot Sucker

When you have that runny nose that just won’t quit, then what better invention to have than The Snot Sucker! The WIVA-VAC Nasal Aspirator is a vacuum powered handheld device used for sucking the snot out of your nose. All you have to do is slip the tapered end into each nostril and push the button. Never carry a hanky again!

Strange Invention #10: The Daddy Nurser

This last one may be familiar to some of you dads out there. The Daddy Nurser is a strap on device containing two orbs that can be filled with milk. Now you can learn to appreciate what a mother goes through when breast-feeding. If nothing else it sure helps to share the load and give momma a break now and then. However I’m not sure if this creates any kind of confusion in a child later on in life lol.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on strange and unusual inventions. I just thought this would be a fun post for you all. It always amazes me the strange inventions that people come up with. But the way I look at it, nothing is unheard of, you never know what people will find amazing and can’t live without.

But if you’re like me, then every time I come up with a good idea, I find someone else has already beat me to it! Back to the drawing board I guess…

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