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Living Zombies among Us

Zombies and Sleep Walkers

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Sleepwalking is an unusual thing that occurs when someone is in what’s called a slow wave sleep stage.  During this state of low consciousness people have been known to perform activities that someone would usually do only when full awake.  The activities can range from simply sitting up in bed, or actually walking around and in some extreme cases, individuals have even been known to perform complex tasks.  Sometimes very dangerous tasks like driving, or antics involving fire or weapons.  Usually after waking from such an incident the sleepwalkers usually have little memory of what they’ve been doing.

At the London Sleep Center in the U.K. a sleepwalking expert says he’s treated patients who have driven cars, ridden horses and one patient that actually tried to fly a helicopter while sleepwalking.  Here’s a few more extraordinary cases…


5 Bizarre Cases of Sleepwalkers

Crane Walker:

This teenager was sleepwalking in London, England and was found on the narrow arm of a crane 130 feet above the ground.  She climbed the crane and walked along the beam all the while asleep.

Cooking While Fast Asleep:

A chef by the name of Robert Wood, from Fife, Scotland headed to the kitchen while sleepwalking and prepares omeletes, stir fries and french fries all while asleep.  He has been sleepwalking for over 40 years.  Practice makes perfect they say.

Sending Emails:

A woman from the United States once sleepwalked to another room, turned on her computer and connected to the internet.  She then proceeded to send three e-mails only to find out what she’d done after receiving a reply to one of them.  She was 44 years old at the time.

Diving out the Window:

A West Sussex, England teenager stepped out of her bedroom window plunging 15 feet to the ground during a sleepwalking incident.  The impact of her landing left 6 inch divots in the ground below, but surprisingly she wasn’t harmed at all.

Moonlight Gardener:

A computer engineer from the U.K., Ian Armstrong, got out of bed at 2am.  He then proceeded to go outside and mow the lawn completely naked and of course, fast asleep.

So keep this in mind the next time you wake up and there’s a gourmet breakfast waiting for you, and no ones there to of cooked it.  You may be a sleeping gourmet!

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  1. Very nice info, so very bizarre that people can do such stuff but yet they do not awaken. Sure hope it’s not me.

    1. I hear ya, I suppose if you wake up somewhere not knowing how you got there, then you are either sleepwalking or you’ve been abducted by aliens!

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