What are Crop Circles, are they Natural or Supernatural?

Crop Circles in the Snow
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What are Crop Circles? These mysterious creations have been called crop circles, snow circles and are also known as corn circles. No matter what the name, the result is still the same. These magical appearances of artwork in the fields come in the dark of the night and no one seems to be able to determine their exact origin.
These crop circles may not always be in the form of circles. They’ve been known to appear as stars, spirals and many other geometric shapes. Many of them are actually quite elaborate and it would take several people working very fast quite a few hours to create some of these.
There have been several attempts to debunk these crop circles by using wooden planks with rope tied to each end. The person would then hold onto the rope while stepping down on the board. This repeated action would cause the field grass, wheat, barley or other crop types to bend over and lay flat. Then all the sudden you have a crop circle.
But in order to fake some of these elaborate constructions one would have to draw up some rather intensive plans and guidelines on how to make them so perfect. This is quite a lot of work and man hours. But not only that, do we really think there are crews of people doing this all over the world in remote locations out in the middle of no where? I tend to call horse hockey on that one!
We’ve discussed in earlier posts many aspects of extraterrestrial and alien life forms being responsible for a lot of unexplained activity. If you would like to catch up, then take a look at Alien Proof, Seeing is Believing and also Alien Life and UFOs, are They Out There? I tend to believe that these crop circles are more likely markers for alien ships, others believe they could be blast patterns where the vegetation was pushed flat by the exhaust of an alien vessel.
Let’s go into a little more detail about crop circles and you can be the judge.

Earlier Forms of Crop Circles

It is believed that crop circles have been around for as long as the crops themselves have been on Earth. As discussed earlier, they are formed by the bending of the crops, usually down closer to the bottom of the stems. But one interesting thing that has been noted about crop circles is that none of the crop stems are actually broken, they are laid over perfectly and almost woven together in a perfect twisting pattern.


Because the stems aren’t broken or damaged in any way, the affected crops will usually rise back up and stand tall after a few days of appearing. So the real question is this, what causes crop circles?


Over the ages there have been many interesting theories of crop circles and how they are formed. Some have blamed animals walking in the fields at night, or large flocks of crows feeding on the grains. Small whirlwinds also known as dust devils have also been blamed for these mystifying crop circles.


By the late 1970s the crop circles began taking on some pretty complicated designs and by the early 1980s they had gained the attention of the media. From that point on, crop circles were becoming quite elaborate.


Crop Circles All Across the World

Crop circles aren’t generally focused on one central area, they are found in great abundance all over the world. In fact they don’t necessarily always appear in field crops.


In the Czech Republic there have been trees that were seen bending in toward a central point which were said to be marking an underground spring. In Scandinavia they have ice circles that will form on the tops of frozen rivers, believed to be caused by swift currents flowing until frozen. There have even been circles found in the snow. Northern Europe and Canada are famous for snow circles while in Namibia there are sand circles which have become quite the tourist attraction.


Formed by the Supernatural or the Natural

It has been discovered that some of the crop circles designs are ancient Mayan in origin. While some of them depict the solar system, others have been known to carry symbolic messages. Is it possible that these messages are being relayed by the Earth itself, or is something or someone else trying to tell us something? This thought brings us back to extraterrestrials trying to make contact through symbols.


We do know a few things about crop circles. For one, they will almost always appear under cover of darkness. People have even reported such things as hearing whistling electronic sounds and seeing floating balls of light. In my post on Strange Phenomenons of Fire and Light we talked about ball lightning. Could it be that ball lightning is responsible for these crop circles, maybe the energy fields from ball lightning is causing a vortex that is pushing down the crops.


One crop circle witness discussed hearing a hissing sound as the crops fanned into shape. Another talked about seeing a tube of light descend from above which carved the designs into the field. Another possibility is they are being formed by vibrations. The Earth is full of mystery, anything is possible.


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Science and Crop Circles

A Swiss scientist by the name of Dr. Hans Jenny conducted a study on sound vibrations and their effects. He concluded that different sound frequencies may cause different patterns to form. But do we really think something like this could be responsible for such intricate designs?


Something of some intelligence has to be at work here!


Some crop circles have been evaluated by scientists and the discoveries are quite astonishing. Some of these circles have shown signs of being hit by a blast of microwave radiation. Other compounds containing magnetic iron have also been recovered from inside the crop circles. But not nearly as much from the outside of the circles.


Something else I find quite interesting is that many have reported cameras, cell phones and other electronic devices failing when placed inside a crop circle.

This is another one of the great mysteries of the Earth that may never be revealed, but we can’t give up hope that some day we will have our answers. Are crop circles created by aliens? Could they be perfectly orchestrated by man in a multitude of locations all over the globe? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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