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Alien Life and UFOs, are They Out There?

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Ok, I’ve covered quite a few topics on my blog that deal with strange or unusual occurrences. If you were wondering when I’d post something on UFOs or extraterrestrial life forms, then the wait is over. I can’t leave this subject out as it’s probably one of the more controversial subjects of all.

The belief that we’re not alone in the universe has become more and more common as we drive forward into the future. The advancements in technology here on our own planet make this possibility seem all the more likely. Although many believe there must be life somewhere else, including intelligent life, it is hard to imagine what they would look like or where exactly they would be.

The easiest thing to do is to imagine a creature similar in appearance to our own. But a living being from a far away galaxy may not appear anything like us at all. But the fact remains, here on Earth, the search is ongoing for new life forms in this vast universe.

Is There Life Out There

There is a constant search to discover new planets and galaxies in our universe. The more common place for them to be found according to research has usually been Mars. We’ve all heard Martian stories for as long as the search has been going. This was actually the first place anyone ever thought of them being. So when the technology allowed, we sent our probes to do research and gather data.

After compiling all the data recovered from these mission, there was little evidence to support a living being as we imagine it. So the possibility of life being on Mars has diminished drastically. This being the case, it has steered scientists eye toward other galaxies in the search for life.

In 2005 a camera on the Mars Express probe took very clear photos of a patch of ice that was found in a crater on the surface of Mars. There were also patches of ice discovered deep within the surface. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean there is life there now, but there may of been at one time. And let’s not forget the famous images of what was believed to be a face on the planet’s surface. This thing is huge measuring about a mile long and about 980 ft. tall. Is it possible this is a monument created by intelligent life?

In 2006 there were five stars identified that may have planets that would be able to support intelligent life forms. Scientists have radio telescopes monitoring space while listening and transmitting across vast distances. Their hope is to discover any form of patterns that may suggest life out there. If they are able to reach distant planets with their signals, maybe someday someone or something out there will answer us.

Are There Really UFOs Out There

During WWII fighter pilots reported many unidentified globes of colored lights in the sky. These were actually reported by both the U.S., Germans and British fighter pilots. Some believed them to be German weapons, but they apparently never fired on any aircraft or did any damage. To this day, these balls of light have never been explained, and the subject has quietly been snuffed out. Could the pilots eyes of been deceiving them? Or if they were instances of Ball Lightning how come they occurred when there were no electrical storms?

One fact remains, that there have been many cases of Unidentified Flying Objects in our air space. Whether or not these are Alien space craft still remains a mystery. Many of these UFOs turn out to be clouds, weather balloons, hot-air balloons, airships, meteors or even aircraft of a highly classified nature. But there are still a bunch of these encounters that have not been explained.

Folks that are very involved with our air space and the regular traffic that is there have often times seen things in the sky that simply can not be explained. In 1949, Clyde W. Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto, observed a group of lights going through New Mexico. Even though he had thousands of hours of sky watching, he was still unable to explain what he saw.

There are many natural phenomena that may be attributed to these sightings. Could they be time travelers from our future? Maybe they are balls of light created by natural energies here on Earth. Some believe that their sighting have merely been Lenticular Clouds. These clouds appear as rising droplets of moisture gather into a cloud and the winds cause them to form into curious shapes. These clouds may stay in one place for quite some time and have been mistaken for flying saucers. What ever the case, until these objects are identified, they will remain a mystery.

The Roswell Incident

Who can forget Roswell, New Mexico, USA? This incident happened in the summer of 1947 and it created the newspaper headline, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucers on Ranch in Roswell Region”. Now this is a pretty alarming headline and even though it was issued by the RAAF (Roswell Army Air Force) themselves, they immediately denied the legitimacy of the headline. Their cover story said it was a saucer shaped reflector dish that fell from a weather balloon. No one knows the real reason they changed their story or what exactly they found out there. But one thing is certain, they don’t want us to know!

The man that owned the ranch where this wreckage was discovered was absolutely certain it wasn’t anything of a man made nature. Even the senior RAAF officers said they were completely perplexed as to what this could of been. One of the nurses that was on duty described an alien like creature that was pulled from the wreckage. But since then her whereabouts have been unknown. Is it possible some of these people involved were “hidden” by our Government?

There are many witnesses to the Roswell incident that are convinced the crash contained these “Alien Beings”. These witnesses said they actually saw these creatures with their own eyes. It is said these beings were taken into the air force base for examination and there were autopsies performed on the bodies. Others say the aliens were actually alive when captured and were taken to the mysterious Area 51. Supposedly they are being held to this day in a large underground city where they work with humans on massive covert projects. Is it possibly a secret this huge has been kept for so long from us? I guess we may never know the truth to that question.

The Men in Black

Many people that have witnessed a alien encounter have said to of been visited by three mysterious men known as “The Men in Black”. They are said to be identical in appearance and always travel in threes. They travel in a large, black vintage model car some believe it to be a Rolls Royce or a 1948 Lincoln Continental. They wear black suits and hats and have blank looking faces with penetrating eyes. Many people way they wear sunglasses at all times until they need to brain wash you, then they remove the sunglasses and stair deep into your soul. These mysterious men are quite intimidating and give direct orders for you not to speak a word to anyone of your encounter.

Could it be these men are aliens disguised and sent to cover up these stories so their cover on the projects at Area 51 will not be discovered. Or could they actually be government officials sent on these classified missions. They definitely appear very quickly after an encounter which to me suggests they are keeping track of all the activity and know when and where they will occur. So is it possible the encounters themselves are orchestrated by those involved in these mysterious operations? There again, we may never know the answers to all this, but the search goes on.

I believe the governments view on all this, is if the population were to find out about the extraterrestrial life it would cause mass hysteria and would frighten people. They probably believe we wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. Although this may be true, what makes them think they can handle it, but we can’t? Is it fair for them to keep this kind of information from us?

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