Strange Phenomenons of Fire and Light

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Our world is full of electricity and unexplained energy sources. The Sun, Moon and Stars are all made up of energy and sometimes this energy can not contain itself. Meteors will burn up in the atmosphere when trapped in the gravitational pull of the Earth and thunder storms may produce lightning amongst the clouds and even from the clouds to land.

There have also been witnessed sprites and elves which are tiny bright flashes of light in the atmosphere and auroras send shimmering streamers that are quite jaw dropping. But there are also many other strange occurrences that take place involving fire and light.

Mysterious Ball Lightning

Ball lightning is something that has baffled scientists for centuries, but they do not dispute that it exists. These electrically charged balls of light normally occur when the atmosphere is charged with electricity during or after a thunderstorm. Even though this sounds like normal lightning, it is far from normal. You may be interested in reading my post on When Lightning Strikes to get more information on normal occurrences of lightning.

Ball lightning appears as though it is a floating, glowing sphere. It may appear in many different colors and sometimes are as small as a baseball or basketball. When it occurs it is definitely something you will never forget.

In June of 1908 over the sky of Tunguska, Siberia there was a huge fireball was spotted shooting across the sky. It exploded just before it hit the ground and caused a major forest fire. Normally a meteor will burn up in the atmosphere before it can impact the Earth. Anything that may remain of the meteor will normally fall harmlessly into the ocean.

At one point our planet passed through a mass of space debris that they call the Beta Taurid stream. This was thought to be the remains of a comet that had been disintegrated. But there’s no conclusive evidence to support that theory. There is another theory I have and you can read my supporting post on Is Space becoming a Junk Yard. But this is all speculation.

In 1927 there was a scientific expedition that found signs that a massive explosion and fire had occurred, but there was no crater to be found. Some believe this could of been debris from the Beta Taurid stream, but others think it may be a UFO crash.

Ball lightning is capable of drifting subtly through the air and even passing through walls. It may even completely vanish within a 10 second period. Sometimes it will vanish silently causing a loud explosion.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Now this is something that will create quite a few skeptics. I’m not exactly sure what I believe in all this, but it’s very interesting none the less. Spontaneous Human Combustion has been reported as early as the 1600s and are still reported today. The world is riddled with stories of this strange phenomenon.

The stories say that a person will burst into flames for no apparent reason and are burned up almost completely within a short period of time. You’ve probably read about this happening in many books such as Charles Dickens’ “Bleak House”.

There really isn’t any confirmed scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but there are a few theories. The human body has varying strengths of electrically charged fields. Could it be a short circuit of these fields that could cause someone to burst into flames? Our bodies are also made up of several gases such as oxygen and methane. It is possible that these electrical fields may ignite these gases as well.

They say that when someone spontaneously combusts their body may be completely burned up while leaving clothes and shoes unharmed. I won’t show any here for the sake of any children that may be reading, but you can find many photos of bodies that were thought to of been consumed by this unnatural fire.

Our world is full of so many mysteries that have yet to be discovered. It’s simply amazing that some of these things even happen. Could it be our minds are so eager to discover these strange things that we actually make some of this happen with our minds? The mind is a powerful thing and no one knows it’s true limits, but bursting myself into flames is definitely something I would want to think about that hard!

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31 thoughts on “Strange Phenomenons of Fire and Light
  1. In fact i don’t believe those phenomenons but last year i saw a ball lightning. It was a scary experience but great also =)

    1. It’s moments like those that makes you wish you had a camera. You just never know when Mother Nature is going to strike!

  2. Yeah but the voltages in the human body is too small to even cause a spark, so I highly doubt it though. Too much imagination in my point of view.

    1. I tend to agree Cindy, but you still can’t dispute all the strange cases of spontaneous combustion that have been documented. Some cases have been deemed a cigarette accident, but many have gone unexplained. A person burned completely to ashes while everything around them was untouched, very odd.

  3. Cool post, i just found your blog, and find there is some really interesting content here, i am very interested in posts such as this to do with natural phenomena

  4. I don’t know about human combustion, but I know about ball lightning for I have seen one in central thailand when I was living there. Stormy weather. It was so scary! just 1meter away from me, , 1.50m from the ground, and 50cm diamater. It was moving sideways, and disappeared after say, 30seconds. It happened during the day, and it was as bright as a huge neon light.

    1. Wow, very cool story Jen. Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience with us. That does sound very scary, did it make you jump?

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