A Strange Case of Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion Unexplained Fires
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Over time there have been many documented and non-documented cases of spontaneous combustion and spontaneous human combustion.

Some of these cases have been found to be accidental fires set by natural things such as being too close to a fire with flammable substances near by. Or cases that involved someone falling asleep drunk while holding a cigarette.

But anytime we talk about cases of the Unexplained, there are always those that are just that…Unexplained.

The case we’re fixing to discuss is one of those. Maybe some of you can help me shed some “logical” light on these accounts. But personally, I believe there is no logical explanation, so you be the judge.

The Mysterious Williamson House Fires

January 1932, Bladenboro, North Carolina…

This miraculous series of events all started one cold January morning. Mrs. Charles Williamson suddenly found her cotton dress bursting into flames as she wore it.

She wasn’t standing near any fire source nor any flammable chemicals of any kind. Shocked beyond belief she was lucky that her husband and daughter were near by and had witnessed what was happening.

Coming to her rescue, he husband and daughter ripped the flaming dress from her body with their bare hands. You would think that during such a fire, with everyone being in contact with it, that someone would be severely burned. But to their amazement, no one received any burns!

Shortly after Mrs. Williamson’s dress had spontaneously burst into flames, her husband Mr. Charles was also stricken by the same mysterious force. But luckily he wasn’t wearing the garments at the time of the combustion.

This time, Mr. Charles had a pair of pants catch fire while they were still hanging in his closet! Followed by one of their beds catching fire, then the curtains in a room that wasn’t even occupied.

These bizarre incidents of spontaneous combustion continued to occur all over the house in various areas. They reported the flames appeared as bluish, jet-like flames, almost like a blowtorch flame.

The most bizarre part of all these spontaneous fires was that even though all these different articles in the house were bursting into flames (without reason), nothing next to the fires were harmed. So when Mr. Charles pants caught on fire in his closet, none of the other articles of clothing in the closet were burned at all.

Not only that, but they recalled no smoke or odor of any kind associated with these strange fires. Countless attempts to extinguish the fires did no good at all. No matter what they did, they could not put out the fires. They just simple vanished once the article had been completely engulfed.

Investigating the Spontaneous Combustion Incident

Of course the authorities were called in to investigate the strange fires. But after police, fire arson experts and special investigators from both the gas and electric company had investigated, no explanation could be found.

This went on for five straight days and then the fires simply stopped, vanished without a trace or explanation.

As quoted by a newspaper article:

“The fires, started, burned out and vanished as mysteriously as if guided by invisible hands. There has been no logical explanation.”

Closing Thoughts on this Case of Spontaneous Combustion

So what do you think was going on here? Could this of been and act of God? Or maybe something of a paranormal nature, possibly a poltergeist created by someone living in the home? We could even go into more intense conspiracies such as alien’s testing human reaction or stress. Or maybe, just maybe it was residual of a parallel universe bleeding though into our world.

The possibilities are endless with these unexplained phenomena, let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Very interesting topic!

    Seems to be very hard to pin-point logical seeming causes.

    Idea: Do demonic forces cause “Spontaneous Combustion”?

    1. Hi James, thanks for the comment.

      Yes this is indeed a very strange phenomenon. And thanks for the interesting idea for a topic 🙂

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