Aliens? UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions: The Conspiracy

UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions
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Have you ever wondered if aliens really exist? Well, this post will break down the most popular theories and conspiracies on whether or not extraterrestrial life exists. From UFO sightings to alien abductions, we’ll explore what might be going on out in space and answer the question “Are Aliens Real?”

This is a question that has been debated for years. Some people think they are real, and some people believe it’s just an elaborate hoax. The debate continues to this day with no clear answer in sight. What we do know about them is that they have abducted thousands of humans from all over the world since the 1940s, according to statistics gathered by UFO organizations like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). They’ve also left behind physical evidence such as crop circles and mutilated animals on occasion.

What are UFOs?

A UFO is an unidentified flying object. This is a broad term and can include anything from an airplane to the moon. But in this article we will be focusing on UFOs that are not identified as any known aircraft or natural phenomenon.

UFOs have been spotted throughout history by people all over Earth (including ancient civilizations). Some of these sightings may just seem like stars moving across our sky at night while others might look more unusual. Such as flashing lights coming out of their sides with no sound emitting whatsoever.

Some even say they’ve seen a UFO land right in front of them! These different types make up what’s called UFO classification systems which categorizes each sighting into one type: Close Encounter Of The First Kind(CEI), CEII etc., so you know how serious the encounter actually is.

Close Encounter Classifications according to Wikipedia:

  • (CEI) Sightings of an unidentified flying object, sometimes barely visible in the sky far above our heads, that show an appreciable angle and considerable detail.
  • (CEII) A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged. This can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device, animals reacting, a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness, or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorched or otherwise affected vegetation, or a chemical trace.
  • (CEIII) UFO encounters in which an animated entity is present—these include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.
  • (CEIV) A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is a UFO event in which a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.
  • (CEV) A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind is a UFO event that involves direct communication between aliens and humans.
  • (CEVI) Channeling alien entities or Intrusion and parasitic attachment by extraterrestrial consciousness.
  • (CEVII) The creation of a human/alien hybrid, either by sexual reproduction or by artificial scientific methods.
What are UFOs?
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Why are People so Fascinated with UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions?

Many people have developed a fascination with UFO sightings and alien abductions because they are curious about what is out there in the universe.

What if we’re not alone? What would that mean for us as a species, or even just our planet Earth itself??

Some believe that the aliens are coming to take over our planet and that they’re already here. Others believe in a more benevolent form of contact, where we will be able see them as friends or allies rather than enemies – but this is not without its own problems!

The truth may never come out about what’s really going on with these sightings because it could cause mass hysteria among humans. If people knew for sure there were other beings living amongst us who had superior technology it could cause a world wide panic. It would also make some religious beliefs seem less credible when faced up against such evidence.

Science has proven time after time how little humanity knows about things such as quantum physics etc… So I guess on a massive governmental scale they believe we would be unable to handle the truth. This large amount of secrecy is what draws people to wanting to know more! It’s kind of like telling a child, “don’t do that”. Naturally the first thing they will do is exactly what you just told them not to!

How do you Debunk Alien Abductions or a UFO Sighting Story?

There have been numerous ways to debunk a UFO sighting or an alien abduction story. One way is by looking at the evidence and finding any inconsistencies in it. This may consist of such things as, were other people around who could have seen what they saw, but didn’t see anything unusual happen. This is what you would call “witness contamination.”

Another method of disproving these stories can come from analyzing photos that are taken during alleged sightings: for example when someone claims their photo shows something unidentified flying through space. A simple analysis may show whether its just some type of light reflection on the camera lens (or even dust particles).

Another common technique used against UFOs/Alien abductions includes using psychology-based arguments which question why aliens haven’t contacted us yet. With all our advancements into outer world exploration, why haven’t we found any evidence of their existence? Although we may in fact have this evidence, it just may be part of a huge coverup by governmental agencies. We will discuss this in the next section.

One argument against UFOs suggests that they are just a product of our imagination. This may be true in some cases but there have been many documented sightings and investigations by credible sources which prove otherwise. For example the Roswell incident or Betty Hill’s story about her alien abduction experience with Barney while driving home from Canada to Maine on September 19th 1961 (which was investigated).

There is a lot more information I covered on this subject in my post UFO Sightings: Simple Investigation Guidelines You should really check this out if you’re interested in UFO investigation.

Who is Behind the Conspiracy?

It is believed that the government is behind many of these conspiracies. The most popular theory suggests that they are trying to keep us from finding out about their existence. This may be an attempt to sensor what we really know in order for them to maintain power over our lives.

It is also believed they maintain a tight control of public information (ie. social media, news media, publications). The conspiracy theorist may be right because there have been numerous cases where governments or military officials were found guilty on charges related with UFO sightings.

One example involved the famous Roswell incident which was investigated by General Ramey. He claimed it was nothing more than weather balloons, but later changed his story when he retired years later by saying, “I don’t care if people think I’m crazy.”

Another example would include Colonel Philip J. Corso’s book titled “Day After Disclosure”, published posthumously in 2007. He claimed that he was part of a military team which had been ordered to retrieve any and all information from the Roswell crash site. This would include alien bodies or technology they might have found there. He also claims his superiors were told by President Eisenhower himself not only about this event, but other UFO sightings as well.”

So it’s quite obvious that there is some type of coverup going on here. Whether it’s to cover up the actual existence of UFOs and aliens it’s hard to tell. It is plausible that these sightings could be military experiments. After all these types of things are of the highest security level. It would be on a need to know basis, and not everyone would be in that group.

It could all be related to keeping top secret projects out of enemy hands. But on the flip side, there may be life outside our universe. I find it quite small minded to believe all that space is out there and we’re the only intelligent life forms. Just seems ignorant for the government to expect us to believe that!

What other Types of Evidence Exist for UFOs and Aliens?

Some evidence recovered from the Roswell crash in 1947 is still being studied. It’s not clear if it was an alien craft or a secret military project. However there are some interesting findings that have come out of this research so far! Like the fact that the metal is not of this earth.

There has been evidence found on Mars and other planets as well which could be related to aliens living somewhere outside our solar system. Or possibly even Earth-like worlds with life forms like us? This would change everything we know about how humans came into existence…and what might happen next for humankind.

Mysterious writings on the walls of caves in France have been found that date back to at least 15,000 years ago. The writings are said by some experts and scholars as being proof for ancient contact with extraterrestrial beings! The evidence is not conclusive but it’s an interesting topic worth exploring further…especially if you’re interested in UFOs or aliens.

Inscriptions were found on the hull of the ship Mary Celeste, which was found abandoned in 1872. The writing is said to be “in a language unknown on Earth” it has been studied by experts who have not yet come up with an explanation for their origin or meaning!

The inscription reads: MT OZMA IKAN – This phrase can’t even translate into English words but it’s still interesting because of its mysterious origins. What could this mean about UFOs/aliens? What does this say if anything at all?? It would seem like there are many mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial beings (or maybe just some crazy people?).

So we may never know until more evidence surfaces from these sightings over time. But one thing seems certain – humans will always wonder about the possibility of life on other planets.

What is an Alien?

An alien is a life form that is not from Earth. The term “alien” can also be used to describe something or someone who feels foreign and unfamiliar. An example would be a person living in another country for the first time. They might feel like an alien there because they are so different than their new surroundings.

Aliens are also referred to as extraterrestrials. Since the topic of discussion is about aliens as it pertains to UFO encounters, this is the one we will talk about. Aliens are beings from other planets or galaxies. They are not of this world and I believe they do exist in the universe somewhere. Although we don’t know where exactly because no one has been able to find them yet!

Types of Extraterrestrial Beings:


Greys are a type of alien that is commonly seen in UFO sightings. They are also known as the “little greys” because they have a small body and head. They have large eyes which make them look like children or babies to some people.

The Grey’s skin color ranges from light grey-blueish gray all over their bodies. The only exception being on its face where it has pink fleshy looking patches around both eye sockets (also called pouches) and mouth area. This may be for protection against UV rays since there isn’t much ozone layer up at space level. These areas would need more sun block than other parts.

They are said to have long fingers and toes with three joints. They also have no hair on their bodies, but some may grow eyebrows or eyelashes which are usually black in color. They can be anywhere from four to five feet tall when standing up straight (on Earth). The average height is about two meters for the males while females tend towards one meter nine centimeters in height. They weigh around 40 pounds each, this makes them very light weight. The Grey has been seen wearing tight fitting clothes like coveralls made out of either leathery or a material similar to nylon.

Little Green Men

Little green men is a term used to describe aliens that are small in size. They have been seen wearing green clothing and helmets. This is why they were given the name Little Green Men or LGM for short.

There have been a few rare cases of abduction where the victim made a reference to green skin. But nothing that makes mention of the Little Green Men we’re referring to here. LGM are mainly a Hollywood rendition of a real alien.

Tall Whites

Tall Whites are another quite common type of alien like the Greys above. Their appearance is similar to that of a human but they are much taller. They have been seen wearing white clothing and often wear helmets as well like the Greys do. But not every case where their appearance is described by an abductee or witness who has encountered them discussed a helmet.

What is an Alien?
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The Tall Whites are also known as the Nordic Aliens and they have been seen in many different countries. They were first reported to be spotted back during World War II when one was sighted near Roswell New Mexico after it had crashed there on July 1947.

Their sightings go all over Europe including England where a group of them abducted two children. It happened one night in the summer of 1961. The children were playing in their backyard and then they saw a large group coming towards them from across an open field that was about 400 yards away. At first they seemed to be getting closer, until finally two of them appeared instantly.

The two tall figures had white skin and long blond hair which reached down past their shoulders. One of the figures removed one hand from behind him and was holding something that looked liked binoculars. Or maybe some kind of device for viewing things up close. They were said to be wearing tight fitting clothing made out of a silver-like material.

There are other alien classifications that have been reported, but these are a few of the more popular ones.

Do Aliens Exist?

Whether or not aliens exist has been a question debated for years. The most popular theory is that they exist and are visiting Earth, but have not made contact with humans yet. This could be because of the language barrier, or perhaps they feel we would be aggressive towards them. Which I tend to believe considering how defensive most governments are when it comes to protecting their country.

The second idea was proposed by Erich von Däniken in his 1968 book Chariots Of Gods? He theorized aliens visited earth thousands if not centuries ago when human civilization first began developing. This could explain why there’s so much ancient art depicting alien-like beings on our planet!

Some people believe these theories while others don’t think we should be looking into them at all due the lack of scientific evidence. Supporting any claims about extraterrestrial life forms coming from outer space is difficult since there is no physical evidence to support these claims.

However there have been many photos and video evidence produced over the years that may suggest the opposite. But as we’re all well aware, most of these pieces of evidence have been conveniently disproven. So you must ask yourself…”Am I a believer?”

Why are People Abducted by Aliens?

It is believed that people are abducted by aliens for many reasons. Some people believe that aliens are interested in the human race and want to study us. Others think they’re trying out new ways of invading our planet or even harvesting humans for food!

Some theories suggest it’s a form on population control because there is an overpopulation problem here at home but this theory has been disproven as well since many abductees have reported seeing other life forms during their abduction experience. This would mean these beings could not be from Earth if true…or maybe we just don’t know enough about them yet?

Some abduction encounters have suggested implants are inserted into the abductee’s body. These implants are said to be used for tracking, monitoring and even controlling their thoughts! There have even been reports of impregnation or the removal of fetuses from abductees.

Is it possible that these abductions are part of an elaborate ploy by the government to monitor and control it’s citizens? Or could they be in cahoots with aliens from another part of our universe or solar system?

How many Alien Abductions have there been in the United States alone?

There have been over 100,000 reported cases of alien abduction in the United States alone. World wide there have been over 12 million reported cases. A lot of the abductions are done by a group called “The Greys.” They have been seen in many different countries and they seem to be very interested in our reproductive system.

European countries have reported numerous cases of alien abduction. The most popular being the case in Portugal where a woman was abducted and had her reproductive system removed by aliens. The Greys have been seen all over Europe with many different types including: tall ones-smaller than human size; short greyish skinned beings -tall as an average sized man (human); small greasy looking creatures–short like children’s height. They also seem very interested is spying into people’s homes through windows at night.

Reports from Asian countries have been less frequent but they have also reported alien abductions. One of the cases is from Japan where a woman was abducted and had her reproductive system removed by aliens as well.

So as you can see, cases of alien abduction are not just happening in the United States. They are happening all over Europe, Asia and many other parts of the world. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if every land mass on Earth has had an encounter at some point. There are also many different types of aliens being seen by people who have been abducted or witnessed them abducting someone else.

What are some of the most famous UFO sightings and alien abductions in history, and why do they remain so controversial to this day?

The most popular UFG investigations and alien abductions are the Betty Andreasson case, Betty was abducted by aliens in 1967 when she had a dream about her abduction before it happened. She stated that she was taken to a spaceship and experimented on.

Travis Walton’s story is about being abducted by aliens in 1975 for five days before he was found wandering on a logging road. He apparently had no memory or sense that time had passed at all. Travis Walton’s story is that he was taken aboard an alien spacecraft on November 30th 1975. His coworkers reported seeing him being beamed up into space with some sort of beam from what they thought to have been UFOs or flying saucers. They later changed their minds because there were no other witnesses besides themselves who saw this happen (Walton himself said nothing).

Barney Hill who claimed to have been taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft while driving home from Canada through New Hampshire late one night. Hill also reported having experienced missing periods during which he and his wife Betty were allegedly held captive.

Linda Cortile, her experience is similar but she claims it happened when her family lived near Philadelphia. Around their neighborhood there had been many UFO reports as well.

Franck Fontaine was abducted in November of 1979, his adventure began by him being abducted in Cergy-Pontoise, France. He actually seemed to find it quite hard to recall his experience and it’s said he was very reluctant to discuss any details that he did remember.

Charles Hicksons’ account about his close encounter over swamp land outside Gulf Breeze, Florida. He reported being taken aboard a UFO and meeting with aliens.

The most popular UFG sightings are the Roswell incident, which is said to have happened in 1947 when an unidentified object crashed into New Mexico’s desert near Corona. The object was recovered by government officials who then covered up their findings for fear of public panic or ridicule from scientists that would undermine military authority.

Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine unidentified flying objects near Mount Rainier. He was piloting his private plane over Washington State’s Cascade Mountains when he saw the objects.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident took place on December 26th 1980. This was at a Royal Air Force base located near Bentwaters airbase. Two US servicemen claimed they had seen lights moving through the trees before seeing them land outside RAF Woodbridge’s twin NATO bases. They also reported hearing loud noises coming off these craft as well!

We can’t forget the famous video footage taken during one such sighting over Phoenix Arizona on March 13, 1997. Many people were witness to these lights, it was not just an isolated encounter. Check out Mysterious UFO above Phoenix remains a mystery 24 years later it’s absolutely fascinating!

UFO sightings and alien abductions are just one piece to a much larger puzzle, but it’s an important part! The conspiracy theories about aliens have been around for decades now with no clear answer as to whether they are real or fake… But who knows? Maybe we’ll find out someday soon enough what all these UFOs really mean in our world today !!!

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