Cow Mutilating Extraterrestrials

Dead Cow on Highway
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Amongst the paranormal and UFO enthusiasts the cow mutilating extraterrestrials is a pretty well known phenomena. Farmers and ranchers over the years have uncovered many bizarre deaths of the cow and livestock population.

Many mutologists, and even law enforcement have investigated these unusual mutilations and have all uncovered many extraordinary features associated with these mysterious slaughters. The most unusual aspects of the apparent crimes are that no footprints were ever discovered near the killings. Not only that, but the cuttings and incisions found on the animals were done with surgical precision.

Cattle Deaths, Aliens and the Media

Of course with any unexplained phenomena such as this, media attention is wide spread and fear is stuck into people’s lives. The story about the cow mutilating extraterrestrials was no exception as it’s tales and stories spread quickly, especially amongst farmers and ranchers. Of course they feared for the safety of their live stock and the theory of it being Alien or Extraterrestrial in origin made it even harder to devise a plan for safety.

A special documentary was produced in 1980 called “Strange Harvest”. The writer and producer, Linda Moulton Howe, attracted a lot of attention and her work was a milestone in building the beliefs of cow mutilating extraterrestrials. Although there wasn’t much evidence to confirm these cattle killings, the belief in this phenomena grew quickly despite the available evidence.

Eyewitness Accounts of UFOs and Animal Mutilations

One particular UFO report produced a direct connection between extraterrestrial beings and the cattle killings. During a session conducted by a Wyoming psychologist and ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle and woman was placed under hypnosis to reveal the details of her encounter. She spoke of seeing a pale, yellow beam of light coming from a UFO that effortlessly sucked a cow up into the craft. To make her story more scary, she continued to say that not only did the UFO abduct the cow, but her and her daughter as well. Once inside the UFO, she said they saw aliens dissecting animals and conducting bizarre experiments on them.

Ufologists Leo Sprinkle furthered his research by placing another woman under hypnosis and she shockingly told a very similar story. This woman reported that she and her son were abducted by aliens that had, “burning eyes, like the devil.” Even more frightening was her account of seeing a large vat full of blood and human body parts on board the UFO.

Could these accounts truly be UFO and extraterrestrial encounters? Or could this all be brain washing after coming into contact with one of those Satanic cow mutilating cults like the one described in “Jay’s Journal” in 1979?

How Stories of Cow Mutilating Extraterrestrials has Evolved

Although much science and many blind eyes have turned from the popular belief that the

cow mutilations are of extraterrestrial origin, these past experiences have become a social movement. This movement bases it’s ideas on Alien beings entering into some sort of

Mutilated Animal
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agreement with America’s “secret government”. They believe this “secret government” is allowing extraterrestrials to mutilate cattle and abduct humans in exchange for advanced technologies produced by the aliens.

The conspiracy theory suggest that the government is turning a blind eye to these mutilations and abductions. Although there hasn’t been any positive evidence produced to support these claims, this bizarre theory has spread like wild fire though literature, lectures and videos.

Have you ever experienced anything related to cow mutilating extraterrestrials? Any other theories are welcomed in the comments below.

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  1. why would aliens travel billioons of light years , bend space or travel through wormholes or how ever they travel and then “disect cows” and leave their remnants lying around like rubbish on the street .
    Are we saying that aliens are like interstellar teenagers . lol

    1. You make a good point Stu and although it very well may be interstellar teenagers, it’s highly unlikely…lol

      We must remember these are theories developed to explain the unexplained. The strangest part of all this is how these horrific episodes were carried out with surgical precision. I’m more inclined to believe the Satanic Cult theory myself.

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