Massive Stone Structures of the Earth

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You know those interesting History Channel shows that have all those unusual stone arrangements? This is something that has always amazed me. There are many different beliefs on where these structures came from. Some think aliens did it, others believe they were acts of God or possibly that they came from another dimension where people were much bigger. But the fact remains they are here, and we may never truly know their origin.
I did some extensive research on these subjects and wanted to share with my readers what I’ve come up with. Some of these stone structures are absolutely amazing wonders of the world! Some of the arrangements are found in many parts of the world either all alone, or maybe lined up in perfect rows. Most of them are found close to nearby rock quarries which for sure makes sense, but their purpose doesn’t.

The Stones of Carnac

France is home to some massive stone structures some as tall as 19 feet, see the picture above. These stone marvels are near Carnac in Brittany, France. There are rows and rows of these stone giants and they stretch for over a mile in distance. They cross many fields and are quite weatherworn from hundreds of year of erosion. Some stretch through the forest of Petit Menec and are covered in green moss.


Humans have taken use to them by digging them up and using them to repair roads and build walls etc. Even though some have been harvested, there are still thousands of these things. Once you travel past the rows of stone you will come upon many stone circles and old tomb relics. It was obviously a very important place at one time or another, but we’ve yet to discover their true purpose.


Sacrifices in Massachusetts

Now here’s a strange site located in Boston, Massachusetts. Who would of thought something like this would be located there? It’s actually thought to be a huge sacrificial site, or an area used to predict the summer and winter solstices.


There are many structures located there and no one really knows how old they are or exactly what their true purpose was. But among them is a huge stone table, known as the Sacrificial Stone. It has a groove all around the edges thought to be a trough to carry blood. Then there’s a shaft that opens up into an underground chamber. It’s thought that a priest or shaman would stand down there and chant or speak prayers so they would appear to come out of the Earth.


This area is home to many standing stones, tunnels and structures that are found underground. You may also find many strange carvings of an unknown origin there. There’s not a whole bunch of this site left as much of it was taken and used for construction in the 1700s. But there is still enough remaining to see it beauty.


The Spheres of Costa Rica

Now this site is home to what are definitely man made structures. There’s no way these massive stone spheres were made by nature. It’s believed they were made some time between 200 BC and 800 AD. Their size ranges anywhere from a few inches tall all the way up to 6.5 feet in diameter.


Even though there are hundreds of these spheres around the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica, now one really seemed to notice them until the 1940s. Of course now they’ve been studied and examined, some have even been taken to decorate gardens and buildings. Many have actually been destroyed because people thought they may contain gold.


Unfortunately very few of them still remain in their original positions, so there’s really no way to study their true purpose. But they are perfectly round, how in the world would someone that long ago make something like this?


The Great Stonehenge

Oh you didn’t think I’d leave out Stonehenge did ya? Stonehenge is probably one of the most famous stone structures of all of them. Mainly because science believes they’ve pinpointed their true purpose more so than any of the others. But no one can be certain, after all these things were constructed almost 4000 years ago!


Stonehenge is located on the Wiltshire plains in England. They believe it was built over three separate building stages, spanning over 1,000 years. This belief was formed due to the burial mounds that were found around and among the stones. Some were even found underneath the stones.


Some beliefs of their purpose consist of it being a cemetery, a temple, a place for ceremonies and festivals and some even believe it may be some kind of ancient computer. lol, definitely not a laptop! But I think the most common explanation for

Stonehenge on the 21st by allielovestea, on Flickr
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them is some sort of ancient sun dial and a way to predict the winter and summer solstice.


Even though their true purpose has not been confirmed, one thing is certain. This structure was extremely important and was a massive amount of work to construct. They say some of these huge stones were moved all the way from the Prescelly mountains in Wales. It’s believed that the magician Merlin must have carried them by magic. 🙂

There are many unusual structures throughout the world like these. It just blows my mind how this stuff is all over the place but no one really can figure out how they were made or what they are for. If any of you have some ideas on what these structures were used for, please leave a comment below, it’s fun to ponder things like this…

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    1. Indeed Chaparral, the visual imagination runs wild with images of Merlin levitating those massive stones and placing them gently in their resting spot. Those must of been such magical times, I really dig Medieval history!

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