Mysterious Lines in the Landscape

Mysterious lines in the Earth’s landscape have appeared in many different parts of the world. It’s possible some may be formed by rivers or fissures that are on the Earth’s surface. Some could be invisible such as the paths of energy understood by experts of Feng Shui.

Some of these mysterious lines are thought to be the creation of humans either used as markers or possible tracks to lead the way somewhere. But then there are some lines on the Earth’s surface that remain completely a mystery. Of course there are always many theories as to why these lines exist but no facts. Let’s go over a couple of these wonders.

The Nazca Lines

This is a very famous phenomenon and many of you have probably heard of these. To give you a little history on Nazca. Nazca people were from southern Peru and they lived before the Incas sometime between 200 and 600 A.D.

These mysterious lines that have been named after the Nazca People stretch over a vast area of over 35 miles in the desert. A lot of these lines are straight, but some of them depict huge figures of lizards, dogs, birds, spiders, monkeys and even men.

After airplanes took to the sky is when these lines were first noticed. This was sometime during the 1920s. The reason for this is because the designs are so vast that they can not be properly identified from the ground. Because these are better seen from the sky is why there is such controversy surrounding alien life being the creators.

Although aliens are thought to be the cause for this mysterious landscape art, the designs are quite similar to those found on Nazca pottery. Some may think that their pottery was designed to mimic the lines, possibly gifts for other planetary visitors. But others believe it was simply generations of Nazca people moving rock and sand over many generations to complete these designs.

Maybe these lines were created as offerings to their Gods in hopes of receiving rain or possibly a harvest of some sort. If you think long enough, you could come up with hundreds of theories, but they would still remain just that, theories!

Even though the true meaning of these lines is not known, one thing is certain. These lines had extreme significance at one time to these people. Who knows, they may have great significance to us too, we just don’t know it yet.

Australian Song Lines

The Aboriginal people of Australia are famous for their song lines. It is said that the song lines lie all across Australia but go unseen.

Basically the song lines are the landscapes story that has been told in song. It is said that Aboriginal folk can walk great distances through Australian landscape and have no idea where they are, but they find their way. They do this by following the lands song.

The times of old in Aboriginal culture speak of ancient ancestors that first walked the Earth. Supposedly they walked and sang all across the land. Their singing is supposed to be responsible for creating the land, rock, plants, animals, water, pretty much every living and non-living thing you see in the landscape.

This is referred to as “Dreamtime” and is not well known by anyone outside the Aboriginal tribes. But Dreamtime is still honored and it is thought of as a very sacred thing. This has caused a great respect for the landscape and everything that lies within it by the Aboriginal tribes.

Here is a great page I found on these Aboriginal Songlines, you may get a better understanding of what it’s all about by checking that out.

These are fascinating mysteries to ponder by those of us that don’t truly understand. Even though we may not realize it now, there are probably many things within our culture that may become a mystery to those in our future. A lot of these things made perfect sense during their time only because it was a part of a lifestyle. But as times change, so does our outlook on the world. Maybe taking thing simpler is better. Don’t forget to leave us some comments and let us know what you think on the subject.

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    1. Hey thanks Rahul. The Australian song lines are something most of the world isn’t familiar with, as they’re not spoken of much. But to the Aboriginal tribes, they are quite sacred and have been passed down for hundreds of years. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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