How Sound and Stone Intertwine

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Have you ever given much thought to sound? That’s right, sound… This is something most of us take for granted on a daily basis, but not all sounds are what they appear.
Sounds of course are nothing more than our interpretation of vibrations moving through the air. These movements may be caused by several different scenarios. Even though we may think we know exactly what sound and movement are, some things simply can not be explained.
At no particular place nor time the Earth may experience loud booms, strange cries in the night or even rocks and stones that seemingly move all by themselves. Most incidents like these we just blow off thinking, “nope, I know I didn’t just hear that, or see that”. It must be my imagination. But more than likely it wasn’t just your imagination. Let’s take a look at a few instances of what I’m talking about.

Defying Gravity with Sound

It is said that monks from Tibet may chant so strongly that it will create an antigravity and actually lift huge stones off the ground. Of course this theory has been evaluated in reference to the building of Massive Stone Structures of the Earth. Some even believe this technique may of been used in building the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

But of course science will have no part in this theory even though more researchers are suggesting that at Neolithic stone circles and tombs, sound was used in a large part of their ceremonies.

According to the studies of acoustic physics, it is said that drumming or chanting can create a very powerful resonance or vibration. They say these vibrations can become very intense. And get this, researchers have even done an experiment using ultrasound waves that successfully raised a heavy sphere of tungsten up into the air.

Another strange occurrence in nature is the flight of a bumblebee. According to the laws of physics, a bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly at all. Evidently their bodies are way to heavy and the size of their wings shouldn’t be enough to lift them into the air. Could it be possible that their little wings are flapping so fast that it’s actually the resonance or vibrations from the wings that are actually lifting them into the air?

The Mysterious Stones of Death Valley

California, USA is home to a vast desert, Death Valley National Park. This place is extremely hot and mountainous with fascinating rock formations. It contains a huge dried up lake bed encrusted with mud that had been baked to the point of being petrified by the hot sun. This massive dried lake bed called Racetrack Playa and it’s littered with a large variety of stones. Some of them are tiny pebbles and some reach boulder sized proportions.

Now the super strange thing about these stones is that you can see a skid trail behind them as if they were pushed along the lake bed. These tracks are very visible, it’s not like a little scratch in the ground, it’s a very defined track. Now no one has ever seen these boulders actually move by themselves, but it’s very mysterious.

Charts of these stones clearly show that they’ve been moved and sometimes up to a staggering 197 ft. Some of the skid marks even show them to be following a looping and twisting pattern sometimes overlapping themselves. It is still a mystery as to how these huge stones are being moved and it happens on a daily basis and it completely random.

If you’re thinking maybe they rolled, then think again, the ground is completely flat there. It could be possible the morning due may cause the ground to become slick and maybe they move by the wind. But they have been moved on windless days as well. Some theories suggest it could be a magnetic field possibly reacting to metal deposits in the stones. But some instances have included three stones all sitting together and two of the stones may move in different directions. So that kind of rules out a magnetic field being the culprit.

Maybe these stones are moving by some sort of vibrations, could it be earthquake activity? California is notorious for earthquakes. But they have been known to move even when no seismic activity has been recorded. It kind of makes you want to go camp out staring at the rocks for months just to discover why they are moving. But of course the way nature works, it never happens when you’re ready for it!

So there’s a little “Food for Thought” on a couple of interesting subjects that I find fascinating. Is sound really to blame for the building of the Great Pyramids? Why is it a bumble bee can fly so effortless when it’s against all laws of physics. Why in the world are those huge boulders moving in Death Valley. Maybe one day we’ll have the answers to these questions. But until then, I guess all we can do is trust that Mother Nature is doing what she sees best.

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    1. Thanks Navas…The world is full of so many mysteries. It’s hard to believe that no one has come up with the answer to those moving rocks in Death Valley yet. Maybe I’ll head up an excursion some day. 🙂

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        1. Very cool reference Oprah, thanks for posting the link. This stuff is truly amazing, in an odd sort of way 😉

  1. Interesting post Robert, I though studies had shown the death valley rocks were moved by wind, but maybe i’m wrong. I love the idea that monks can chant so strong that they can create anti-gravity.

    1. That is definitely one of the theories. Although they have found that multiple rocks have moved in opposite directions which would rule out wind being a possibility. Plus they say some of them move on windless days. There have been many scientific crews set out to debunk this phenomenon, but to the best of my knowledge nothing has been 100% confirmed.

  2. Very interesting and informative!
    Indeed mother nature is doing her best.
    However she is “mother” nature; a women … very difficult to understand! ;-))

  3. Very interesting and informative article. Thanks for the read on the Death Valley Stones. Take care

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