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Mystery Man as ‘Angel Priest’ Protects Girl in Car Crash

Guardian Angel
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Do you believe in guardian angels?
Katie Lentz, and the New London Fire Department does.

Drunk Driver Slams into Teenager’s Car

On August 4, 2013, Katie Lentz of Quincy, MO was hit head on by a drunk driver. She was pinned behind the steering wheel of her car – a convertible coupe.
Katie was scared that she was going to die, and asked the emergency responders to pray for her during those dire moments. That’s when the miraculous happened.

Mystery Man Appears Out of Thin Air

Out of thin air appeared a Mysterious Man that witnesses say looked like a Catholic priest. First responders were baffled where this man could have materialized from, since there was a 2 mile perimeter around the accident site. First responders were caught off guard, but allowed him to pray with Katie, still trapped in the car.

Could the Mystery Man be an Angel sent by God?

This mystery man prayed for Katie, and used anointing oil on her, as witnessed by the Fire Chief, Raymond Reed. “There was a calmness that, to me, seemed to come over the entire scene.”

Rescue Equipment Starts to Work After Mystery Man Arrives

Firefighters on the scene could not get Katie out of the car, because their extraction equipment kept failing. Once the mystery man showed up, their tools started to work again. Fire Chief Raymond Reed adds: “Instantaneously, at that moment, our neighboring department arrived with fresh extraction tools.”
After rescuing Katie, the rescue crew looked for the mystery man to thank him, but he had vanished.
Katie was later treated at the hospital for broken legs and ribs. She remains grateful to that mystery man that stopped to pray with her at her car, and believes he truly was a guardian angel, sent by God to protect her.
Katie’s friend Travis Wiseman commented on what is dubbed the “Angel Priest Car Crash”: “Whether it was just a priest as an angel, or an actual angel coming down…he was an angel to everyone and to Katie.”

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Man as ‘Angel Priest’ Protects Girl in Car Crash
  1. This is a very cool story Zack. I’ve actually heard other stories similar to this where a mystery person walked up to aid someone in distress. Then once they were out of danger the good samaritan would mysteriously disappear. I tend to side with it being an act of God myself. But that’s just my view on it.

    1. Robert,
      It sounds like a guardian angel. I think it is a cool story and would be comforted thinking that God cares about me enough to send a guardian angel to protect me.

  2. That’s really mystery. i aklso read about ti a couple of times and still wondering about this accedent..

    1. I think this is a great example of an unexplained phenomenon. Was it an angel or a real man?

    1. Plomero, I am glad that you believe. Have you ever experienced a guardian angel in your life?

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