Discovering the Powers of the Mind

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This is going to be a bit of a continuation of an earlier article Discovering your Sixth Sense, ESP, Deja Vu and Telepathy. But in this post we’re going to be discovering the power of the mind and  a few other fascinating gifts few are said to possess.

We’ll talk about the ability to bend and twist metal by merely thinking about it. Others are said to be able to move and shake objects and we could even go as far to discuss levitation. We’ll also talk a bit about Auras and what exactly they are said to be and how they affect our physical and spiritual health.

Do you really think it is possible to make things happen merely by thought alone? Not everyone believes in this sort of thing, but some will swear by it. This process is more scientifically known as PK, or psychokinesis, meaning “psychic movement”. It may be found in several different forms such as those already mentioned. But it may also involve the moving of an object that is already in motion. They say it’s easier to move something already in motion rather than an object that is sitting still.

When I was a kid I remember trying a trick. We would take a stick pin and a piece of string, then pin the string into the eraser end of a pencil. Then we would fasten the string onto something so that the pencil would be suspended in the air, with nothing touching or bothering it. Once the pencil became perfectly still and was hanging freely, we would try to move the pencil using only our minds.

Now keep in mind this wasn’t a controlled experiment, we were just kids. But the fact is, sometimes that pencil would start to sway back and forth. Seemingly when we both concentrated on it together, it would move more drastically. Now I’m not saying we were actually doing this with our minds, maybe it was a draft. but it was definitely enough to keep me interested in this type of thing. Without further delay, let’s move on to the discussion.

Bending and Twisting Objects with the Mind

As discussed, PK energy may be present in many different forms, but the ability to bend or twist a metal object is at the top of the list. Have you ever heard of spoon bending, or someone that could bend a fork with their mind. This is what I’m talking about. An object, most likely a spoon or fork will twist or bend out of shape when it is stroked gently by someone. Even though no physical force is exerted, the object is said to magically deform itself.

Uri Geller is the world’s most famous “spoon bender” and he claims to possess the power to perform amazing feats. Geller claims he has the ability to use mind power not only to bend spoons, but to stop or start watches and clocks as well. It’s said he can do this even to a watch that is in front of a TV set where someone is watching him perform.

Although this has never been officially proven or unproven, even the famous magician James Randi challenged him. Randi says he can do similar tricks using sleight of hand and magician’s tricks, stating that Geller is nothing but a fraud. This actually went into painstaking litigation but nothing of any significance ever came of it.

Moving and Shaking Objects

Is it truly possible to move and object with your mind, while not so much as laying a finger on it? This subject has been up for debate for many years. There have been many experiments on this type of psychokinetic energy but the results are hard to measure.

Just like the pencil moving on the end of a string, spontaneous PK is said to be used by focusing part of your consciousness into the actual object you are trying to move. So in essence it is part of yourself inside the object that is making it move. Now that’s a hard concept to swallow for sure.

They say by concentrating on the object and imagining it to be an extension of yourself, you can achieve movement. This reminds me somewhat of a form of enlightenment. Basically becoming one with the object you are trying to move. It is also said that trying to use will power may have the opposite effect. By using will power, it’s like separating yourself from the object. After all, you wouldn’t wish for your fingers to type on the keyboard, you would just place them there and type without thinking.

What Color is Your Aura

An ancient belief that each person is surrounded by a mystical light called an Aura has been around for a long time. They say depending on the person, each will have a different color Aura. An Aura is an invisible light, but there are a few people that claim they can see them.

Supposedly, depending on the nature of a person, their Aura’s color and strength will vary. It is also said that a person’s spiritual and physical health may be diagnosed by reading their Aura. In a way this kind of makes sense considering the human body is full of electrical currents.

There are several things that are said to weaken someone’s Aura such as poor diet and a lack of rest, exercise and clean air. If you’ve ever been around someone and just knew how to talk to them, then you may of been reading their Aura. People that are good at “reading” others probably do this by feeling their energy field and don’t even know it.

The Act of Levitation

This is something that has produced many skeptics even by those that have seen this with their own eyes. Levitation is simply the act of rising or floating above the ground. To be able to rise above the ground without any means of support is against any law of gravity we’ve ever known. Many folks will tell you this is absolutely impossible without using some form of magic or trickery. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t dismiss that holy men and women from all over the world are said to of achieved it.

During the 1500s, St. Teresa of Avila said she was able to rise off the ground during moments of ecstasy. She said she tried to resist out of humility, and didn’t want to seem different from the sisters in her order.

St. Joseph of Cupertino actually levitated in front of Pope Urban VIII during the 1600s. They say he levitated quite often and always appeared to be in a powerfully altered spiritual state at the time.

Daniel Dunglas Home is one of the more famous levitators, well known in the U.S. and Europe during the 1800s. He actually performed his act of levitation for Emperor Napoleon III, the King of Prussia and the Czar of Russia. But in Rome and Italy he was accused of sorcery and banished from ever returning. During one exhibition, in front of many others, he floated out a third floor window and then floated back in through the next window. After much investigation by skeptics and scientists, there was never anything found to constitute fraud.

There is one possible theory to these acts of levitation. Some believe this could be done using magnetic levitation. Magnetic levitation is a magnetic force strong enough to defeat gravity. If one were to use opposing magnets of sufficient strength, then you could achieve levitation. Scientists have levitated small objects using this method, but nothing as large and heavy as a person has yet been accomplished. In the 1800s someone would have to use some pretty big magnets in order to pull this off. So I find it doubtful this is how they did it.

I have really been on a mind kick lately because this stuff is very fascinating. There really is no way of knowing for sure how much truth there is to any of it. But the quest for knowledge keeps us hungry for things that are unknown. Who knows, maybe one day we won’t have to go anywhere, we will be able to do everything by simply thinking it.

Please feel free to leave comments and voice your opinion on these subjects.

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40 thoughts on “Discovering the Powers of the Mind
    1. That is the question that people have sought the answer to for a long, long time my friend!

  1. Just like what Napoleon Hill said: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. It is great to always remember “In what do I truly believe?”

    1. I dig that quote. Listening to your own mind is a great way for spiritual growth. I guess the key is knowing when to listen.

  2. Nice post, I’m not a fan of bending or twisting objects but I like the fact our mind has many unexplored skills.

    1. I’m with you on that one! The human mind has so much untapped potential, everyday is a learning experience. 🙂

  3. You know, Hollywood movies are starting to add telekinetic powers to characters in the near future. Example: “Looper”

    1. Oh yah, Looper looks like a really cool movie. Of course Bruce Willis is good in just about any movie. I’m gonna have to catch that flick.

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  5. If you can control your mind you can control the universe, but it is not possible.

    1. Yes unfortunately controlling our minds is something many aspire to conquer, but may never truly do.

      Although there have been many throughout the ages that are believed to of come very close.

  6. You know, Hollywood movies square measure setting out to add telekinetic powers to characters within the close to future

  7. I’m not an exponent of bending or twisting objects however i prefer the actual fact our mind has several undiscovered skills

    1. Absolutely, the mind if full of undiscovered powers, research has only touched the tip of it’s potential.

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