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15 Ton Ball of Fat Clogs London’s Sewer

Jar of Fat
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic LicenseOriginal photo by  Rachel Tayse

How did 15 tons of fat clog London’s sewer?
That’s a great question.

London’s Sewer is Clogged with a Fat Ball

The sewers underneath the streets of London have been clogged by a 15 ton ball of congealed fat, which locals have been calling a “fatberg.” Residents first noticed a problem when they could not flush their toilets. The utility investigated the issue to find a massive ball of congealed fat that damaged the London sewer systems. Repairs on the London sewers will take up to six weeks.
The utility company, Thames Water, worked for 10 days straight to remove this 15 ton ball of fat from London’s sewer. For those who live in the U.K., that’s about the size of a double-decker bus. Had the 15 ton fat ball not been removed, the streets of London would have started spewing waste water into the streets, eventually back flowing up into the London homes.

What made up the 15 Ton Fat Ball?

The 15 ton fat ball was mainly made up of food fat, and baby wipes. The utility company has a new saying to prevent fat sewer blockage in the future: “Bin it…don’t block it.”

Who Would Steal a Ton of Fat?

In the 1996 fiction movie, Fight Club, a young professional can’t sleep and lives a dull life as a white collar worker. So he creates an alternate persona – Tyler Durden – that takes over his life with a more exciting lifestyle. His alter ego makes a living by making soap, which he creates from human fat, stolen from the back lot of a liposuction clinic.
He turns the fat into soap and sells it. Meanwhile, he creates a Fight Club in an attempt to make his life more thrilling.
You can see the London fat ball for yourself in the YouTube video below:

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9 thoughts on “15 Ton Ball of Fat Clogs London’s Sewer
    1. Residents were complaining because they couldn’t flush their toilets, so a Utility company employee would have been the first to dive into this congealed ball of fat down in the sewer.

    1. 15 tons is a lot of fat (and baby wipes). For comparison, the average car weighs about 3 tons. That is a lot of bacon grease, Martin.

  1. Man no kidding, that thing must of stank like no bodies business too! I can’t believe it took them so long to notice a problem like that…lol

    1. Yeah, it is hard to believe it got to the point that people couldn’t flush. It makes me wonder if we have any problems like this in NYC or other large cities in the US.

  2. That is totally gross! yet kinda cool, then gross again. For anyone interested, that is 117,600,000 calories! Yes I somehow made you think of food after reading an article like that.

    1. Thank you Chani for adding a little humor to a gross situation. Do you like pulling hairballs from clogged drains?

  3. Damn fast food shops selling greasy kebabs. That reminds me , I need to order some takeaway .lol

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