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Owner of Hitler’s Toilet Says it May be For Sale


At a huge surprise, Hitler’s toilet that was used on the official German State yacht in 1935 was discovered in an American auto garage.

The yacht was called the Aviso Grille and was a luxurious 433 feet in length. The toilet was discovered by the previous owner in a scrapyard in 1951. But Greg Kohfeldt is now the not so proud owner of the nazi’s toilet.

To this day, the employees at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey use the toilet to take care of their business. They have it installed in a small make shift plywood unfinished bathroom in the shop.

Greg Kohfeldt says:

“Not many people can say they have used the same throne as the most evil man in history, can they?”

According to Kohfeldt there is a lot of yacht salvage all over town and many folks have additional items taken from Hitler’s yacht. Things like the map table and another poor soul has the ship’s wheel hanging in his living room!

The toilet has some German inscriptions on the bottom, but really no other indications that Hitler ever relieved himself on this porcelain potty.

But if anyone is interested in owning this crappy historical throne that once belonged to Hitler, then Kohfeldt says he’s thinking of selling it.

He was even invited onto a TV show that’s involved in selling rare and bizarre antiques, only to be called evil by one of the experts for attempting to sell the thing.  But as you can see in the video it’s a little worse for wear.

But according to Kohfeldt, Hitler’s toilet is still in working order.

I don’t know about any of you, but I definitely won’t be in line to make this purchase!

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2 thoughts on “Owner of Hitler’s Toilet Says it May be For Sale
    1. I’m not exactly sure Dan, but here’s a quote from Kohfeldt:

      “If someone actually had an interest in what is left of the sink and the toilet I would probably sell it,” he said. “But they’d have to have an interest … if someone is just going to offer me $100, it’ll sit here forever.”

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