Lucky Charms, Horseshoes and their Superstitions

Horseshoes and Lucky Charms
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Ahh, I got to thinking today that I’ve talked about many different superstitions, but never horseshoes and their superstitions. They are one of the most precious lucky charms in existence.

So I started doing my research and came up with some great information for you all.

Horseshoes are Lucky Charms

Out of all the different good luck charms and amulets that are said to ward off evil, horseshoes are the most well known world wide.

Where the superstitions surrounding horseshoes actually began is a mystery to us all. But there are a few theories.

Some believe they could be associated with ancient horse worship. But it’s also possible that the crescent shape was the horseshoes claim to fame due to the pre-Christian moon worshippers. But most likely it stems from the fact they are made of iron. I already touched on this possibility in my post Iron and it’s Many Superstitions, so I won’t elaborate on that here.

The Superstitions Associated with Horseshoes

It is said that finding a horseshoe by sheer luck is an extremely lucky event, on the other hand if you were to buy one, the luck wouldn’t be present at all.

Horseshoes that were cast from the near hind leg of a grey mare and contain seven nail holes are particularly lucky. And to make things even better, if you find one of these that still has some of the nails in place, then you’ve found the most lucky horseshoe of all.

But what should you do with one of these treasures if found. You can either spit on them and toss it over your left shoulder while making a wish. Or you can take it home and nail it above a doorway to bring good luck to anyone that may pass beneath it’s glory.

Which Way Should  Lucky Horseshoes be Facing

This is a subject of much debate, the majority believe that the open end of the horseshoe should be facing upwards. This is to ensure the luck doesn’t all spill out.

But on the other hand, some believe the open end should face downward in order to spew forth the luck on anyone that passes beneath it.

What ever you believe, once the horseshoe is firmly in it’s place it will protect the good luck of all in the household as well as ward off witches and evil spirits.

How is the Lucky Horseshoe Used Symbolically

Considering horseshoes are one of the most recognized symbols of good luck, you are likely to see them almost anywhere.

Often weddings will have horseshoe shaped confetti, or cards associated with examinations or driving tests will also have the symbol on them to bring good luck.

There are many professional athletes, musicians and even artists that carry a miniature horseshoe with them at all times. And look out if they lose their lucky charms, because they’ll go nuts looking for it.

Other Superstitious Beliefs About Horseshoes

Some are related to folklore medicine. If you can acquire the water from which brand new red-hot horseshoes are cooled in, then you harness the power to cure impotence. Even Germany is getting in on the action. They are said to serve food on plates that bare the horseshoe emblem. And for those suffering from the whooping cough, eating a meal from one of these plates will cure you!

You may also choose to nail one to your headboard in order to keep from catching a fever at night.

There’s an interesting article called Horseshoe Superstition that also adds some more thoughts on the subject if you’re looking for extra reading on horseshoes and their superstitions.

If you know of any other great superstitions relating to horseshoes, we’d love for you to share in the comments below…

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8 thoughts on “Lucky Charms, Horseshoes and their Superstitions
  1. Very interesting to know that finding a horseshoe by sheer luck is an extremely lucky event, on the other hand if you were to buy one, the luck wouldn’t be present at all… I will always on the look for horseshoe hoping to get lucky

    1. Hi Mercy,

      Thanks for sharing your comment with us. Indeed finding that horseshoe by sheer luck will bring just that to you. I hope you are able to find one that still has the nails in it! Best of “Luck” to you in your search! 🙂

  2. I’m not really a superstitious person. But I do have a horseshoe at home.

  3. I think lucky horseshoes are kind of one of those things that have received such a good reputation over the years, that most people tend to believe in them just in case. You don’t even have to be a superstitious person to trust in a lucky horseshoe. They are up there with rabbits feet in my opinion. Thanks for sharing that with us Christopher!

    1. Wow that amazing Rene!! You’re bound to have a nice run of good luck heading your way! 🙂

  4. I need two Used-horseshoes, don’t know where I find,
    now I’m in Madison, WI. Please suggest me or I can send shipping cost if you have any.

    1. Sorry dhyan I’m not sure where you would be able to find the horseshoes you seek. Although a metallurgist or blacksmith may be a good place to start. Not sure if blacksmiths are all that easy to find these days but you may want to ask around. As far as shipping you horseshoes, I’m not in the market of selling them…sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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