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Missouri Resident Finds Out from TV that She is Leasing a Serial Killer’s Home


Since I’m from Missouri I found this story particularly interesting!

A woman from Ferguson Missouri was sitting at home one day watching an A&E documentary on TV. She suddenly realized that she was seeing her house on the screen. To make matters worse, the TV documentary was about the serial killer Maury Travis, and she was living in his home!

The woman, Catrina McGhaw, was freaked out to learn that killer Travis had used the very home she was now living in as a torture chamber for his victims and the basement was his favorite dwelling place for his slaughters.

According to law enforcement, Travis had anywhere from 12 to 20 victims most of which met their demise in the basement.

To her surprise, the landlord was actually the serial killers mother. Initially when McGhaw was touring the home before signing the lease, the killer’s mother pointed out that she was welcome to keep the dining room table that was already in the house. It’s the very same table that McGhaw saw in the documentary she was watching. Talk about freaky!

Of course the woman was completely freaked out and wanted out of the house as soon as possible, but her landlord wasn’t willing to comply with her request to break the lease.

In Missouri there’s isn’t any obligation to disclose information about a home’s history to possible tenants, but this was quite a bit different if you ask me.

So after Cheryl Lovell of the St. Louis Housing Authority spoke to the killer’s mother about the issue, she was hesitant, but let McGhaw out of her lease agreement.

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    1. I know it’s crazy for sure. Could you imagine David, how freaky it would be to be sitting in your home all cozy and find out something like this while watching TV…uggh

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