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32 Years Later, Missing Mont Blanc Climber Found Frozen in Ice


According to local newspaper Dauphine Libere, two mountain climbers stumbled upon a frozen body on July 3rd on the Talefre glacier. The body was found at 8,815 feet, frozen stiff.

It was the body of Patrice Hyvert who was last seen climbing alone in the Mont Blanc mountain range near the French Italian border.

But get this, he disappeared 32 years ago! He was only 23 years old and failed to return from his climb after severe weather got the best of him.

According to rescue officials, Hyvert still had all his equipment and ID on him at the time of discovery.


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2 thoughts on “32 Years Later, Missing Mont Blanc Climber Found Frozen in Ice
  1. I bet that there is a ‘Global Warming’ angle, here!

    Seriously, it will be closure for the family to know exactly what happened to him. Thanks for finding this, Robert.

    1. Hi Samantha and thanks for commenting.

      This really must of been a horrific tragedy for the family. And his father said he had just about given up on finding his son. So sad…

      But on the Global Warming note, I’m sure that definitely had something to do with the discovery of his body. There’s no telling how much ice and snow has melted over the years. 32 years is a long time!

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