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Wendy’s and Burger King Get Ready to Battle McDonald’s

Burger King
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Not long ago, I shared with you about McDonald’s new lineup of Quarter Pounders that are about to debut in their restaurants in my blog post, “Get Ready Men, McDonalds is Updating Their Quarter Pounders.”
Now Franchises Wendy’s and Burger King are striking back. They aren’t going to take this fight sitting down.

Wendy’s and Their New Pretzel Bun Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s is preparing to launch their newest creation – the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. The Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger did fairly well in market tests, and Wendy’s will be launching this new Pretzel-bunned burger in 2013.  Some lucky people saw this new burger in Miami, FL in Wendy’s locations in January 2013.

Wendy’s is Not the First with the Pretzel Bun

But, don’t be alarmed about the pretzel bun on a sandwich. Red Robin – another burger chain – has already had a pretzel bun for a limited-time on an Oktoberfest Burger.
Also, Pretzel businesses like Auntie Anne’s and Pretzelmaker have also sold pretzel bun hotdogs.

Burger King Starts Their Own Campaign

A Burger King location in Puerto Rico has given out 50 Hands-free devices for Whoppers, so the modern man can eat a Whopper in a civilized fashion, without using your hands.

An Issue with the ‘Hands-free’ Whopper Device

While the Burger King Hands-free device is a great novelty, I have found a problem with this new device. It works effectively for the first half of the sandwich, but once you eat down to the halfway point, then one must use their hands to reset the sandwich or just take over with your hands.
The internet became abuzz with the search terms ‘Hands-free’ Whopper holder on May 31, 2013, as a result of the new Burger King campaign.
The hands-free device is very similar to a hands-free harmonica holder, often used by a one-man band playing several instruments at once. The only difference is that this device is so you can multitask while eating your beloved Whopper.
Now the question remains: Will the hands-free whopper holder compel customers to buy more french fries?
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  2. Wendys come up with new burgers.this are well and better in tests.there is some problems rise with new whopper device.

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