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One Odd Place to Visit: Cadillac Ranch in Texas

Cadillac Ranch
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Outside the city of Amarillo, Texas, is a relatively unknown place that every one needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s called Cadillac Ranch. It is a row of 10 cars buried vertically with about one-third of the car under the ground. What makes it even more popular is that the cars are coated with graffiti art. The owner of this Texas ranch allows visitors to spray paint the cars at Cadillac Ranch. Then, you better take a picture, because tomorrow your graffiti will be covered up by someone else’s graffiti. Just don’t inhale too much of the paint fumes. Well that’s virtually impossible here, because the paint dries in less than five minutes sitting in the Texas heat.

The History of Cadillac Ranch in Texas

In 1974, Rancher Stanley Marsh erected ten cars (all Cadillac) in a farmer’s field, which could be seen driving west on I-40. Then, in 1997, Stanley marsh decided to move the cars to a different location. Why? Because Amarillo’s population in the area was growing quickly, and he wanted Cadillac Ranch to be its own unique location, outside of the suburbs. So he moved the cars. It is now located on Route 66, running parallel to I-40, a few miles outside of Amarillo, Texas. If you are on I-40 heading west, you can get to Cadillac Ranch if you take a service road.

Don’t Spray Paint the Cows in Texas

On the Route 66 side of Stanley Marsh’s gate, state officials have clearly posted a sign. It reads: “STATE OF TEXAS PROPERTY, GRAFFITI PAINTING ON ANYTHING ON THIS SIDE OF FENCE IS ILLEGAL.”

They take these things quite seriously. So don’t go crazy with a spray can just because you are feeling rebellious out in the hot Texas sun.

After all, this isn’t the Cadillac Ranch Bar and Grill, where anything goes.

Is Cadillac Ranch Graffiti Art Worth the Trip?

How many times in your life will you actually be able to tell someone that you spray painted on someone else’s car legally?

So if you decide to be adventurous, go buy yourself a can of spray paint and head on out to Cadillac Ranch in Texas. And by the way, don’t forget your camera. That graffiti art of yours won’t be showing for very long. Your picture will be the only proof that you were there.

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10 thoughts on “One Odd Place to Visit: Cadillac Ranch in Texas
      1. I can definitely vouch for that Zack. I’m from Texas and it get’s close to 110 degrees on some days. I’ve never been to Cadillac Ranch, but it sounds pretty cool. Would be a super neat place to get some awesome photos.

  1. That place is really unique, I think. And it’s better to spray paint those cads than let it rust, am I right?

    1. Cadillacs are cool and the spray paint makes them even cooler. The odd thing is that they are standing vertically like Dominos.

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