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The “Genius” Brain of Albert Einstein is Quite Unusual

Albert Einstein's Brain
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic LicenseBrain Surgery photo by  Endless Forms Most Beautiful
A compilation work containing photo of Albert Einstein from Wikimedia Commons

Albert Einstein was One Smart “Dude” with a Coveted Brain

If you hear the name Albert Einstein, chances are that you know that this man came up with the theory of relativity, or E=MC^2. We all know Albert Einstein was a genius. Some people were so intrigued by this man’s brilliance that they had to examine his brain — after death, that is.



Did you know that pathologist Thomas Harvey removed Einstein’s brain during the autopsy?

Was Thomas Harvey a bit odd for wanting Einstein’s brain?

After removal, Thomas Harvey stored Albert Einstein’s 76 year-old brain in jars in his basement. He kept Albert Einstein’s brain for four decades. Thomas Harvey wanted to know what made Albert Einstein tick. And for that very reason, he secretly kept Einstein’s brain for study, and photographed it.

Universities Study Photographs of the Brain of Albert Einstein

Both Florida State University and East China Normal University (Shanghai) closely examined 14 photographs taken of Albert Einstein’s dead brain. The universities found that the corpus callosum in Einstein’s brain was thicker in the subregions, suggesting that his brain had “enhanced” connectivity – meaning that there may have been superior communication routes between some parts of the two hemispheres of Einstein’s brain. The only problem with this study is that the universities are comparing a dead brain to MRI’s of live brains.

Other studies believe that Albert Einstein had and unusually high number of brain cells (glial cells).

Fact About the Human Brain

Most human brains reach their max weight between the ages of 24 and 30.

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