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Do you hate having to go in the Store?

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Getting out of the car is hard for a Lazy Person

 I don’t necessarily consider myself a “lazy person” for all practical purposes.  But I just ran up to the convenience store to get some gas and started thinking, of course.  Why do they make you get out of the car in order to get something from the store?  You can get gas from outside the store, why not anything else?

I mean, it would be so easy for them to install those shoot tubes like they use in the drive through banks.  Just make em big enough to at least shoot a jug of milk through.  Most items in a convenience store are rather small, like junk food items, tobacco products, sodie waters etc. Better yet, why not put the gas cap up by the drivers seat that way you wouldn’t even have to get out of the car!

I know it’s sad, but this would especially be convenient in big cities where crime is extremely high.  But noooo, they won’t even let you in the store in those places.  You have to walk up to some little window with bars on it and ask for what you want.  Wouldn’t it be safer to be able to do this from the confines of your car?

I’m just really surprised this hasn’t been done already.  Tell me your thoughts on it…

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