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10 Facts about the Pentagon

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10 Not so well know facts about the Pentagon

  1. The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world, based on floor space alone.
  2. There are seventeen and a half miles of hallways within the Pentagon.
  3. It is so huge that it’s been assigned six different zip codes.
  4. The Pentagon is home to 4,200 different clocks.
  5. There are twenty-three thousand employees within their walls.
  6. There are more than 200,000 phone calls and 1,000,000 emails sent and received on a daily basis.
  7. It is shaped like a pentagon because of where the roads were positioned that surrounded the original building site.
  8. The windows in the Pentagon are glass panes that are two inches thick and weigh almost 1 ton each.
  9. The windows do not open.
  10. The tragic attack of Sept. 11th 2001 happened exactly 60 years to the day, from when ground was first broke for the Pentagon’s construction.

Some pretty interesting facts here on the Pentagon, thought it might be interesting to share these with you all.

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