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The Amazing Redneck Summer Games

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I was reading something I found interesting the other day about a bunch of Rednecks from Georgia gathering for a huge event. The Redneck Games! haha, yep, now I’m from Texas so I can kind of relate to some of this stuff, but this wasn’t just a little gathering, it pulled in over 5,000 rednecks from all across the country! Mac Davis,  a local radio station manager, expected only around 500 to show up, so you can imagine his surprise.
Davis said there were a lot of jokes circulating about the 1996 Atlanta Olympics being staged by a bunch of rednecks. So he felt he would organize a real redneck games so the stereotype wouldn’t all be for nothing. I actually think this is kind of cool and they had some amazing games. Now these aren’t your average Olympic style games that you would expect. These are “redneck games”!
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Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic LicensePhoto by  jasepielli

The first showing of this redneck circus was of course in 1996, but since then it’s become a huge annual event. These games are serious business to those that participate. They have games such as hubcap hurling, watermelon seed spitting and horseshoes. Not your ordinary horseshoes mind you, these are redneck horseshoes, also known as toilet seats! The rules are also strictly followed, for instance during the watermelon seed spitting contest, the contestants that wear dentures must accept the judges decision on calls where their teeth go farther than the
Although the rednecks that take part in these games are serious about winning, they’re not doing it for money. The only prize they can claim is a trophy made out of an empty, half crushed beer can. But I suppose like in most other contests, the bragging rights outweigh any prize money. Check out some of these awesome events that take place at the redneck games.
Try to imagine this picture in your head… You see a corny looking redneck with a beard, wearing nothing but overalls and no shirt, carrying a silly looking torch made out of a stack of empty beer cans. He crosses the playing field with torch in hand and proudly lights the ceremonial bar-b-q pit to get the games started! The torch bearer’s name is Elbow, yep that’s him in the featured image. It makes me laugh every time I see this guy.

Some Special Redneck Events

  • Armpit Serenade
  • Cigarette Flip
  • Bobbin’ for Pigs’ feet
  • Mud Pit Belly Flop
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting
  • Hubcap Hurling
  • Bug Zapping by Spitball
  • Toilet Seat Throwing (Redneck Horseshoes)
  • Big Hair Contest
  • Dumpster Diving

For some hilarious photos of the games check out the official site at Summer Redneck Games Let me know what you think about all this, I think it would be fun to go check that out, I’m thinking I’d be real good at the redneck horseshoes!

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    1. Absolutely, I think it would be awesome to go take part in the games! It’s really become a big deal, thousands of people gather for the events.

        1. I was actually searching for some Jeff Foxworthy stuff, you know he’s the one that has that, “You must be a redneck” joke series. Anyway, while searching for that stuff I came across some reading on the redneck summer games.

    1. Absolutely! I love exploring new things and the research is a lot of fun, there’s so much to learn out there that we don’t normally think about.

    1. I think Canada has started a version of these types of games as well, but aside from them, they are the only other country doing this besides the United States.

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