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Do we really need our Necks?

So I was sitting here this morning thinking about my neck.  Don’t ask why, I just was. So I

giraffe chilling by pinguino, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic LicensePhoto by  pinguino

was thinking, do we really need our necks.  I was trying to come up with a logical reason as to how they are beneficial, but nothing comes to mind.  Here’s a few reasons I thought of that are negatives to having a neck.


  1. Just one more thing on the body to get sore or stiff.
  2. Takes food longer to reach the stomach.
  3. Once more place to have to shave or cut the hair from.
  4. Another area of the body to protect.
  5. Something else that can get broken.


Now let’s look at the positives.


  1. A place to put your collar.


As you can clearly see the negatives out weigh the positives 5 to 1. Even a giraffe has a good reason for a neck.  They use it to reach food high up in the trees in places that are too dry to support foliage on the ground. So why weren’t we given an awesome purpose to have our necks?  I guess without them we wouldn’t be able to wear those nice collared shirts.

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4 thoughts on “Do we really need our Necks?
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  2. Imagine look at stuff if we didnt have necks. We would have to turn our entire bodys to see stuff

    1. Right Richard! It would be a crazy world if that were the case. I’m sure everyone would be constantly bumping into each other lol 😀

  3. i just got this thought and searched on google , well i was expecting tons of links explaining anatomical and evolutionary reasons for our necks and i didn’t get any links but this link … at least at first page of indian version of google 😀
    well we have neck because in case we don’t have neck we have to move our whole body to see around ….
    there may be more reasons though but those who had neck survived because they took less time to give F3 response in endangered area ….

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