Daily Thoughts

Check the Name of the Restaurant first for Crying Out Loud!

I was reading about a recent robbery attempt at a West Orange County restaurant.  These guys cruise in there all ready to make some free loot, guns flailing.  Then realize they are in a Cantonese restaurant and none of the employees speak a word of English!  haha, how funny is that.  They make desperate attempts to try and relay the message that they’re there to rob the place, but couldn’t get any decent response from the employees, they had no idea what they were saying.

So one of the dudes goes over and starts slam banging on the cash register in an attempt to open it with no success.  Finally after all this they toss one of the Cantonese employees onto the ground an put a gun to his head in one last ditch effort to secure some financing.  Only to get some jarbled foreign cries in return.  So the criminals flee the scene jumping a retaining wall and hide in a car where they were later discovered and arrested.

So after all this was said and done the restaurant employees turn to each other and say, “Man that was a close one!”, in perfect English!  haha, ok, I made that last part up, but you know it happened like that 😀

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