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Forever Comfy Whoopy Cushion

Forever Comfy Whoopy Cushion

Now doesn’t that look soooo comfy?  I just saw an add on the tube for this little marvle.  I guess folks are having a hard time coming up with ideas these days or something.  Cos if your chair doesn’t have a cushion already in it, then you should just get a new chair!  I guess it could be good for a stadium seat or some such business.

But I’m thinking it would be more popular for it’s ability to retrieve and store flatulence.  It looks like it could really soak up some awesome odoriferous del la buttocks.  Plus I believe it’s washer safe so use and reuse as you please.  The best part about their offer is that for the price of just one whoopy cushion, you can receive two of these jewels.  That would be especially handy for those of us that have extra extreme derriere’s.  You could have one whoopy for each tock.

So if you’re tired of having to go to the restroom while at work in order to expel some gaseous storms, then you better order these quick!

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