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Vaseline to keep the Racoons away

It’s said that President Calvin Coolidge liked having his head rubbed with vaseline while eating breakfast in bed.  Yep, this is extremely strange and I feel super sorry for the person that had to do the rubbing! What would make you want this done anyway.  Maybe he thought it would help keep the skin on his head soft? Dunno maybe he just like his head to shine like a star.

I’m bettin he smelled real perdy with all that vaseline gloppin’ around on his head like that. For sure it would be a recipe for a huge sun burn while playing golf!

No wait, I got it…he also had two pet racoons that ran about the White House, this must of been so when they came to attack and steal his breakfast they would simply shoot off the top of his head and zip out tha winder!  May have to ponder on this one some more.

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