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My Dentist is an Executioner

electric shock photo
Photo borrowed from Electricians Networks

Don’t know if many of you out there know this, but your dentist may be an executioner!  All kidding aside, did you know the electric chair was actually designed by a dentist?  Yep, back in 1881 a dentist by the name of Alfred P. Southwick.  He came up with this idea as a more humane method of execution as apposed to hanging.  Evidently this was supposed to be a painless and quick method of execution.

Since this guy was used to administering services to folks from a chair, it seemed logical.  So let’s think about this.  Modern day dentistry will often times find it’s patients in sedation or under “tha gas”.  So what do you think is going on while you’re under “tha gas”?  Are dentists now working for alien sub species to easily prepare victims for malicious experiments?  Or could it be that we’re put under merely to become guinea pigs for electrocution experiments only to be brought back to life without any knowledge of what has just transpired?  I know, I know, this sounds a little far fetched, but who knows.

I wonder if maybe there’s something to all this.  Maybe we should all start taking our own rocking chair and a cattle prod with us next time we go to see the dentist.  That should even things out a bit!

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