Daily Thoughts

Rubber Cars

I’ve always thought that putting millions of people in large steel and metal objects and sending them out on a little thin path going head on with each other was an insane idea.

Hey, they make cars with rubber bumpers in a carnival, why not for practical purposes as well.  I bet cars would be a lot cheaper too if they were made out of rubber. Rubber cars bouncing down the road happily would be awesome.  Not only that, but we wouldn’t even need insurance, plus your cars color would always stay the same, no paint jobs needed.  If you get a scratch, no big deal, all the rubber would be the same color through and through!

How bout making ramps every so often that you could drive off of, then your car could bounce for a little ways, that could save on gas.  Just better make sure you don’t wear that favorite pair of rubber pants or you’d never get out of that thing.

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