Daily Thoughts

Great things happen on the Weekends!

Here’s something that always aggravates the kriddly crap out of me, but it happens everytime.  My day off comes around and I’m thinking, “Awesome I’m off so I want to get all kinds of stuff done that I don’t normally have time to do.”  Plus I’m always thinking, “I wanna get out and do some `stuff`, go some `places` and have fun on my day off.

Now let’s get to the reality of it…. I can’t ever remember what all those `important things` are that I wanted to take care of, and I can’t think of a single place I’d like to go.  Am I the only one this happens to?  I nearly tear my brain apart trying to figure out what I need or want to do.

So by the time I’ve pondered my life away, it’s bedtime Sunday night and I’ve got to go back to work the next morning!@#%  So needless to say, at this point I start thinking, “Man I didn’t get crap done this weekend, but there’s always next weekend, and I’m gonna do all kinds of `stuff`!  YAH-RIGHT!!! :S

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