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Have you had your Nostrils Removed???

Ok, I read somewhere that people often have their nostrils removed?!?  This is supposed to be a true fact mind you.  Let’s think about this for a second.  Have you ever seen anyone, in your whole lifetime, walking around without any nostrils?  I’ve seen a lot of people in my days, but never have I seen someone without any nostrils!

Could you imagine what life would be like without any?  You’d never be able to wear glasses, eskimo kiss or blow boogs ever again.  Not to mention how you’d look.

I’m thinking you’d probably drown trying to take a shower and you’d better not ride a motorcycle, cos it would be an open invitation for a nest of bugs.

So this does get a little weirder.  As I continued to read about folks removing their nostrils it also said that if you were to drop them, they would bounce just as good as a rubber ball. I’m sure you’re pretty freaked out by now from all this.

Just imagine how freaked out I was when I looked again and realized this article was talking about TONSILS, not NOSTRILS!!!!!!!!  😀   Ahhh, what a relief!

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