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Terrible Tragedy in Connecticut School, 20 Children and 6 Adults Killed

Check Below for Updates as of Saturday, December 15, 2012

playgroundFirst and foremost, I would like to start this post by offering my condolences and prayers to all the children and families that have suffered because of the massive tragedy that has occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. This is such an alarming event that it will be remembered forever amongst American’s as one of the worst tragedies in history!

For those of you that are unaware of what I’m talking about, let me fill you in on what has happened on America’s doorstep.

This morning at approximately 9:30 am at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut a 20 year old man by the name of Adam Lanza walked in and fatally wounded 20 of our nations children and 6 adults. He then turned one of his weapons and fatally shot himself. Now this is not a huge school, according to state records, it’s a K-4 school with approximately 670 students enrolled.

From the few credible sources that are out there, it is said that the gunman, Adam Lanza, had gunned down his own mother prior to the incident at the school. He then took her car and drove to the school where he committed his unforgivable attack on the children. According to police, his mother was actually a teacher at the school.

Here is a news clip from CBS News on the incident.


Police officials haven’t uncovered the mystery as to what the gunman’s motives were for this attack, but as usual I have a few thoughts on the subject. It is simply unimaginable as to why someone would do something so awful. These were just children, many as young as five years old and had their whole lives ahead of them. Of course regardless of the age, to kill people like this is beyond anything I can relay in words.

At 7:00pm there was a memorial mass that was held at the St. Rose Church in Newtown where many people gathered to pray and offer support to one another. According to President Obama all the nations resources are focused on the investigation of this matter. The last I heard the police had the gunman’ brother and father brought in for questioning. Searching for any leads as to the mental state or motives that may of provoked this attack.

It just seems like every day more and more tragedy strikes our world down just a little bit more. Some will say it’s signs that the end is coming, personally I’m not sure what I believe as far as that goes. But I do know the important thing here is recovery. Trying to recover from something as mind scaring as this will take a hard toll on these children and their families.

If you are a parent and want to find some helpful advice on how to talk to your children about this tragedy, then please visit this Fox News Post. There is a lot of great advice on how to approach your children on the subject.

Again, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and children involved in this and I encourage you all to post a comment to show your support. I will keep this post updated as more information is uncovered.

Thank You,

Robert Tuttle

Updates to Incident:

Friday, December 21, 2012

There has been a state ban on high-capacity magazines by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.
The N.R.A. is offering meaningful contributions to help make sure an incident like this never happens again. Malloy has called on residents to take part in a moment of silence this morning at 9:30 am to commemorate the victims. Many actions are being set into place for maintaining stricter policy on the gun control act.
A 14 year old Long Island boy was arrested for making a terroristic threat via facebook about attacking his school.
At this time, most of the victims have had memorial services held and their burials have been completed.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Police have acquired Lanza’s computer equipment and will be combing through the hard drive looking for any clues as to who he associated with online and if there were any signs of a fight with someone. The weapons used in the massacre are having their history traced all the way back to the assembly line. Police officials comment that they may of uncovered some clues at his home that may lead to a possible motive for the crime.

Police officials have focused efforts on chasing down leads from dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across Connecticut, looking for any information on Adam Lanza’s life as far as his experience with guns and weapons.

Officials say that there was nothing that the school could of done to prevent this without having prior knowledge that the gunman was coming. Of course no one did, it all happened so fast there was no time to react. That being said, there were many school staff members that acted as heroes during the incident by moving children to protective areas and trying to keep them quiet and busy on something to calm their minds.

There is an article by The Hartford Courant A Methodical Massacre: Horror And Heroics that outlines the gruesome details step by step that occurred that morning.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

According to officials, Adam Lanza evidently carried his brother’s (Ryan Lanza) ID into the scene. At first officials believed the gunman to be Ryan Lanza because of this. But Ryan was since ruled out as a suspect.

The shootings that took place all happened between two separate first grade classrooms.  As of now, all the victims have been identified and the bodies have been removed from the school. There is still no evidence as to what provoked Adam to commit these awful crimes.

Evidence indicates that the gunman was not let into the school voluntarily, that he had forced his way in. Some believe that he may of shot his way in possibly through the windows.

Evidently there were three weapons involved in the shooting, two handguns and a .223 caliber rifle.

According to medical examiners most bodies of the deceased had between three and eleven wounds, but they didn’t appear to of been inflicted at a close range. The body of the gunman has not yet been examined but is scheduled to be on Sunday 16th.

Among the adults that were killed during the incident, was the Principal of Sandy Hook, Dawn Hochsprung. Also Lauren Rousseau, 30 year old teacher of Sandy Hook was an unfortunate victim. Others deceased in this tragic event were, Rachel Davino 29, Ann Marie Murphy 52, Mary Sherlach 56 and Victoria Soto 27. I will not list the children in this post simply because it is too heartbreaking, but if you would like to see the list of names that were involved in this tragedy they can be found here.

If you would like to help Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, please visit United Way of Western Connecticut’s Sandy Hook School Support Fund.


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8 thoughts on “Terrible Tragedy in Connecticut School, 20 Children and 6 Adults Killed
    1. Yes it will take a lifetime of healing, I can’t imagine how those parents and children feel, especially the ones who lost a loved one.

  1. Even that i’m from polandI’m still trying to figure it out how many more tragedies have to happend before someone will do something with… i’m actually not sure with what. Maby with a weapon access level in US or maby with – as some says – with “psychiatric care” (sorry for my english but i’m not sure how to say that) or maby with both – but that have to happen soon.

    1. Well actually our President is already talking about adjustments to our gun policies. I have a few conspiracy theories on that subject, but I try and respect everyone elses views as well, so I won’t talk about those.

      I definitely believe something needs to be done, but I fear the possibility of America being completely disarmed. Unfortunately I believe that is where things are going.

  2. it was and is really sad to hear abt this event it sandy hook. im from asia and when i turned on the tv yesterday morning i saw this news on cnn and i was really shocked. i heard this guy was mentally unstable. guns are not legal where i come from but in us it is legal. anyways RIP to all those kids who lost their lives. God Bless!!!

    1. Thank you for the sentiments you’ve given for my countries loss. It is indeed a terrible tragedy and they need all the prayers we can give.

      1. I think life has became much harder than before, so we can easily find people with mentally ill among us.

  3. I also never felt it, when my grandfather died, and i can’t do something, i just can crying…

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