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Massachusetts and their Island of Venomous Timber Rattlesnakes

Timber Rattlesnakes
Photo Via Flickr Commons by david_jones

The state of Massachusetts is at it again. And when I say “at it again,” I mean they are stockpiling an unusual commodity on an uninhabited island in the Quabbin Reservoir. Their plan is to fill this island with venomous timber rattlesnakes, and then get the heck out of striking range.

Massachusetts and their Venomous Timber Rattlesnake Plan

The reason for this ambitious snake plan, is due to the constant loss of habitat and because humans kill snakes. By stockpiling these snakes on this island, Massachusetts residents can rest at ease at night knowing that the uninhabited island known as Mount Zion is brooding as many venomous timber rattlesnakes as it will hold.

However, it is unknown if the wildlife on this island will sustain this new influx of venomous timber rattlesnakes. However, before going to live on the island of Mount Zion, they will first be raised until maturity at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, located in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife director says: “Timber rattlesnakes are generally mild in disposition and ofter rattle their tails to alert animals and people of their presence.”

This snake plan also has the backing of current Governor Charlie Baker.

If You’ve Seen a Snake Den, Its Time to Run

Most people have a fear of snakes. In scientific terms, this is referred to as “ophidiophobia.” The term for just a fear of reptiles and amphibians in general, is called “herpetophobia.”

But most people don’t stick around to watch snakes come out of a den, because snakes give many people the chills. Even the fiction character, Indiana Jones, was deathly terrified of snakes. And he had to face them on many occasions as he was exploring exotic locations.

Believe it or not, there are anxiety coaches out there, that can help people overcome their fear of snakes.

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  1. Yes, Hugh, snakes can be scary. So can spiders. But I faced my fear with spiders, and now snakes are next.

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  3. Rattle snakes are very poisonus , if you knew the King Cobra snake, rattle snake will be 2nd poisonus snake. if im correct. but i really hate snakes, it scares me a lot.

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