Walking Under a Ladder Superstitions

History of Ladder Superstitions

Superstitious beliefs concerning a ladder, better yet walking under a ladder superstitions, are of the most widely know in the world. This is true still to this day in many Christian and non-Christian countries.

Even for those of you who dismiss most normal superstitions, will still recognize and run for cover before walking under a ladder! Although most of us will not admit why we’re going all the way around a building instead of walking under that ladder lol.

What beliefs created walking under a ladder Superstitions

Although many people observe this superstition whether they admit it or not, most probably have no idea as to why walking under a ladder supposed to be unlucky. So let’s dig into that a little bit.

It is said that a ladder leaning against a wall forms a complete triangle. Now this can be viewed in a couple of different ways.

  1. This could be seen as a representation of the Holy Trinity. Any who walks through this triangle may be showing disrespect for God, and sympathy for the Devil.
  2. The ladder may represent a path to Heavenly ascension for the recently departed. So we must take care not to obstruct the path of any spirits trying to use it.

What will Your Punishment Be

There are many different beliefs pertaining to what misfortune you will receive for choosing to ignore this superstition.

For those of you that are unmarried, walking under a ladder may postpone any hopes of marriage for at least another year.

The folks from the Netherlands also believe that disobeying this superstition may be grounds for a hanging! Although this may be due to the fact that history suggests, sometimes ladders were leaned against a tree instead of using scaffolding when someone was to be hanged.

What to do if you walk under a ladder?

If there is absolutely no alternative except to walk under that dangerously ominous ladder, then there are a few steps you can take.

Some people say that if you cross your fingers while walking under the ladder this may help. But there’s a catch to this…you have to keep them crossed until you see a dog!

You may also choose to spit on your shoe and leave it there until it dries. This is one possible remedy to ill fortune.

Some say that you can reverse the curse by making a wish as you pass under the ladder. By doing so it may greater your chances of it coming true. Although I’m a bit scared of this one lol…not sure I want to leave that to chance.

What about those that use Ladders at Work?

Even though you may use ladders where you work, guess what…you are not immune to the superstition and it’s attack.

Here in the U.S. it’s said if a black cat has just walked under a ladder and you climb that same ladder, then yep, here comes the bad luck for you!

Some European countries believe a ladder with an odd number of steps may bring you good luck. But if you were to slip on one of the steps, then you may face financial ruin. If you see a ladder laying on the ground, be sure not to walk between the steps or bad luck will surely follow!

Concluding the Ladder Superstitions

I believe a lot of these superstitions stem from religious beliefs.

For instance, for many non-Christian countries, the act of walking under a ladder goes hand in hand with any number of objects. They believe that passing any object above one’s head it bad. Simply because the head is the seat of the spirit and nothing should ever shadow it.

Japanese culture has a similar superstition stating walking under a telegraph wire will cause someone to become possessed by devils.

So all in all, there are many superstitions concerning ladders, only you can make that decision. I for one believe, if for no other reason than safety, maybe I’ll just walk around the next ladder I see! 🙂

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