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Mirror Superstitions, Myths and Legends

Mirror Superstition, Myths and Legends
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One very well known mirror superstition states anyone that breaks a mirror will surely face seven years of bad luck. But there is much more to mirror superstitions, myths and legends that you may not be aware of.

A Brief History on Mirrors

Over the ages, mirrors have been seen as mystical and magical objects. Even before the idea of a mirror there were many myths concerning ones reflection. Mainly due to seeing your reflection in a pool of water or a lake.

Seeing ones self reflected in a pool of water or on a shiny object was thought to be a representation of the soul. People considered this a separation of body and soul.

Many people believed that you could actually ask the reflection questions about the future. But if the water became rippled or the reflection broke during the questioning, then this meant bad news.

There are still many areas of the world to this day that believe a broken reflection means bad luck is coming their way.

Early Superstitions and Myths about Mirrors

Back in the days of witchcraft, mirrors played a huge role. They were not only used by the “witches” themselves but by those wishing to ward them off.

Those that were fearful of witchcraft would often times purchase what were called “witch-balls”. These were small pieces of reflective glass that were thought to ward of witches and sorcerers.

Mirrors were also thought to deflect the damage inflicted by the “evil eye“. Eventually this lead to some folks wearing hats decorated with many mirrors. So if they came into contact with a witch unknowingly then they had things covered.

Witches also found hope in mirrors. It is said they would keep mirrors that were only framed on three sides in order to give them site over long distances.

Modern Day Superstitions, Myths and Legends about Mirrors

Superstitions about mirrors is not reserved for times of past. Many people still to this day believe in the power of mirrors.

Some mothers believe their baby may stunt their growth due to the shock of seeing themselves in a reflection. Supposedly this will only happen if the baby is under a year old. Not only this, but they may also develop epilepsy, crossed eyes, a stutter and even worse may be doomed to an early death.

If a bride looks into a mirror in here full wedding dress and veil, then her marriage may destroy any chance for a happy marriage. On the flip side, it is good luck for a new married couple to view themselves side by side.

Another mirror superstition states gazing into a mirror for too long, or you may see the devil due to your vanity.

Looking into a mirror by candlelight may also bring you bad luck. And for goodness sake do not allow your cat to view itself in the mirror or yep you guessed it….bad luck my friend.

Mirror Superstitions, Myths and Legends for the Sick

Mirror myths also may prove bad luck for those that are sick.

The belief is, that one who is sick is separated temporarily from their soul. So if they see their reflection in a mirror, they will not be able to rejoin with their soul once they are well. Therefore all mirrors must be covered or removed from the patients room.

If the patient were to die, then without a doubt you must cover all the mirrors or at least turn them to face the wall. If you don’t, then the deceased’s soul may be at risk. Not to mention your own soul may be snatched by the recently deceased so they may have company on their journey.

Vampires and Mirrors Myth

We certainly can’t forget about good ole Count Dracula where mirrors are concerned.

As the tale goes, a true vampire will not cast a reflection in a mirror. Of course this is because they have no soul.

But if a normal person looks into a mirror and has no reflection, then this means they have already lost their soul. Meaning they are sure to die soon.

Concluding Mirror Superstitions, Myths and Legends

As we all know breaking a mirror is a bad luck omen not to take lightly. You don’t even have to break a mirror on your own. If one were to break by itself, then it means a friend or love one has met their demise.

But if you do experience any of the unfortunate events where superstitious beliefs about mirrors is concerned, there is hope.

Some say by burying the broken pieces of mirror in sacred ground, your luck may not be harmed.

You may also choose to throw the pieces into a swift river in order to keep your luck in tact.

Here in the US we say, “if you break a mirror, just pull a five dollar bill from your pocket while making the sign of a cross with your hands, and you’ll be fine.

So rest assured, mirrors will break at some point in your life, but if they do… Just be prepared with the knowledge of how to ward off the bad luck that may follow. If you enjoy this kind of content, then check out my other many posts dealing with Superstitions!

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