Dream Meanings and Interpretations for Flying

Welcome back to the Dream Series… Flying dreams are extremely common within the realm of dreaming. They may vary quite a bit from person to person. Some dreams may take you on a long super high flight. While others may just be the simple act of hoovering or floating.

Most flying dreams, or dreams about flying may symbolize a person’s strong will and mind. A time where you feel invincible, a place where no one can tell you what you are supposed to be doing or accomplishing. Flying dreams can leave you with an amazing feeling of absolute freedom.

In a book The World of Dreams, by English physician Havelock Ellis, he put it simply. It is our breathing whilst asleep that suggests the idea of flying to the unconscious mind. That being said, dreams where you are falling, may be open to tons of different interpretations.

Flying Dreams – Interpretations

Flying Really High

Having a dream where you take flight at very high altitudes may be your minds way of escaping something that troubles you. But flying too high, as warned through the myth of Icarus, could suggest you are being a little overambitious.

Flying Low

Many cultures such as some Native American tribes as well as Tibetan Buddhists state, everyone has a “light body” and may leave the physical body during sleep. Some may refer to this as Astral Projection. The “light body” is said to travel great distances and may even have the ability to communicate with angels. A dream of flying low may represent the desire to develop the mystical side of your nature. But keep in mind, this could also be a warning that you need to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.


If your dream consists of hovering or floating in the sky while looking down on the Earth, then this could represent feelings of optimism and success. Basically, showcasing how the world is at your feet. On the flip side, seeing how floating is physically impossible a dream like this may also be a warning against pride and over ambition. This could mean you will come down to Earth with a bang!

Parachuting in your Dream

If you have recently experienced a life-threatening event in your life, you may dream about a parachute saving your fall in a dream. This may be an expression of relief concerning a major accident, such as surviving a major car crash. On the other hand, if you are going through a difficult situation in life, this may represent your need to bail out and escape your torment. Seeing how a parachute offers you a safe landing from what ever you bailed out on.

Being Shot While Flying

If you find yourself being shot at while flying in a dream, then time to put your guard up. There may be someone in your life trying to hold you back or prevent you from succeeding or advancing in life. This could be a position you are working hard for at your job or a personal aspiration to succeed at something. So may be time to look at who is around you and whether they have your best interests at hand.

Flying Towards the Sun

If you are flying really high in your dream and see the sun or are flying towards it, this may be a good sign. This could suggest that all your worries and fears will be melting away soon. Then stop the stressing, something will be coming into your life soon that will provide you some relief.

Rough Terrain

You may have a dream where you are flying over rough, muddy, or rocky terrain. This type of flying dream may be a warning against potential enemies or misfortune. This is very similar to a dream about being shot at as we discussed above. But if you are flying over rough terrain and being shot at both in the same dream, then I would say be extra careful…someone is trying hard to sabotage you!

Flying with Wings

If you have ever had a dream where you were flying and you actually have wings, then the color of your wings may have great meaning. White wings may represent the expansion of your awareness or possibly the discovering or one’s higher self. Reversely, if your wings are black, then you may reevaluate your life and consider making some changes.

Other Dream Meanings for Flying

In Total Control of Your Flight

Dreams about flying as well as the ability to control your flight, could be a representation of your own personal sense of power. If you are greatly enjoying the scenery and landscape while flying with ease, then you are probably on top of the situation and things are going well for you. Or it may suggest you have gained a new perspective on a bad situation and have turned over a new leaf.

Out of Control Flight

If you are having trouble staying in flight or losing control of your flying in your dream, then this may be interpretated as a lack of power or control in your life. If you are struggling to stay in control with certain aspects of your life, then this could be the cause of such a dream.

Obstacles in Your Flight Path

Obstacles in your flight path such as birds, trees, building or telephone poles may represent obstacles in your waking life. This could even represent a person standing in your way in life. It may be time to evaluate who, or what is preventing your advancement in some aspect of your life.

Fear While Flying

Feeling fear while flying in a dream may suggest you fear certain challenges or may even be afraid of success itself. Ask yourself, “Am I trying to rise above something in the waking life?” Or is there a developing idea, a place of fortune or something in life I am trying to escape?

Wrapping Up Flying Dream Interpretations

Be mindful of your own attitude in life. Because if you are the type of person to easily Fly of the Handle or Fly into a Fit of Rage…then this may be the reason you are having these dreams.

I cover some of this in my post Meanings for Dreams, Your Dream Adventure Awaits but there is a lot of other cool dream interpretations in that post as well. Such as being chased, escaping danger and even being locked in jail. Might be worth your time to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this new post in the Dream Series as well as found an interpretation that may be helpful in deciphering the dream meaning for your flying dream. This series will continue as I will add new information to it from time to time. Otherwise, take a look around, there’s plenty of other interesting goodies to read about on Odd Radom Thoughts. Bye for now!

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