Meanings for Having Accidents in Your Dreams

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Oh man, the Dream Meanings series is going to be a doozie. There are literally thousands of possible dream meanings interpretations. I’m going to try and cover some of the more well established dream meanings and try to do that in as little space as possible.

The first dream meanings scenarios I would like to cover are Accidents. These are by far the most uncomfortable type of dream as they can leave you waking in a pool of sweat. But they may not all mean exactly what they appear. So even though you may awaken suddenly and intensely, be sure to take note of what ever you can remember as we discussed in The Stages of Sleep and What Dreams are Made Of.

Traditionally dream meanings for accidents are centered around the possibility that you’re being given a warning of possible danger. They may also tell you to be alert for any danger or hidden aggression that may be coming your way. These are more well known as physical interpretations.

Spiritual interpretations may suggest that some kind of intervention from an authoritative source is needed.
According to Sigmund Freud dreams are no accident at all, rather we have them as an unconscious way of unraveling or dealing with issues in our daily lives. In fact dream meanings dealing with accidents are said to foretell  explanations of things our unconscious mind has taken note of, but our conscious mind failed to notice.

For instance, what if you had a dream that someone was killed at a certain cross walk. Then it came to pass. The theory suggests that you unconsciously noticed how dangerous this particular cross walk is and may of read something in passing about the growing dangers on that road due to people not paying attention. All this adds up to your dream of this accident being a foresight into the future. But was it really?

Dream Meanings of Major Accidents

Dream Meanings for the Dreamer having an Accident

If you have a dream that you yourself has an accident of some sort, then you should jot down any information you can remember about this dream. This is especially important if the accident involved something that you use on a daily basis, like a bicycle or your car.

A good practice in a situation like this would be to perform maintenance on what ever your dream told you was going to be dangerous. Maintenance is a good idea anyway, so it couldn’t hurt to give something a once over just to make sure you avoid the dangers from your dream.

Another scenario could be that you dream of getting hit by a car while running across the street to speak with someone you plan to cheat on your spouse with. Dream meanings for things like this could be showing pent-up guilt, as you know this is the wrong thing to do. So either you’re telling yourself this is a dangerous act, or by committing the adultery it could lead to further accidents.

Other common dream meanings for having a car accident in your dreams is that the dream is trying to tell you to slow down in life. That maybe you are going on a destructive path by pushing yourself too hard. A good course of action would be to re-evaluate your circumstances and maybe find a plan for taking care of business in a less stressful way. Stress can lead to massive heart attacks and sickness as we’ve discussed before. So a car wreck in your dream may be telling you you are going to become fatally ill if you continue on the same path.

Pay close attention to the people involved in the dream. In the end did you manage to find refuge somewhere, or did you rescue someone else. This could be telling you where you need to go or who is in need of your help.

Dream Meanings of Accidents in the Home

Having dreams of accidents in the home may mean that tension is building in your home environment. It may also reveal something you’ve unconsciously noticed that may cause a domestic accident. So pay close attention to what is causing the accident in your dream.

Did someone fall down the stairs? If so, then this could mean you have loose carpeting or a nail protruding on your staircase.

Dreams of accidents in the home could also signify you are in need of personal change. Sometimes this could mean the destruction of what you’ve built for so many years.

Dreaming of Accidents to Your Loved Ones

Now this is a hard one to recognize, but if you dream that someone you love or are close to dies, this could mean something within is no longer functioning properly. It could also be symbolic of your relationship with that particular person. Have you been fighting, or growing apart?

Maybe it’s time to let go of certain aspects of your relationship with that person and move on to other steps like replacing passion with more attention on love, stability and commitment.

Dreams of Accidents Taking Place at Sea

Are you having problems with someone you are close to? Or maybe a disappointing love life. Then you may have a dream about an accident that takes place at sea.

If water is overwhelming you, then it’s possible you are overwhelmed by emotions. If you find this to be true, then it may be time to take a look at your feelings and put them into better context.

Trying to save others from a ship wreck means you need to take a good look at the ones you’re trying to save in this dream. A step back if you will to determine what exactly these people mean to your life.

For instance if you’re trying to rescue a baby or small child in your dreams, then this could be a sign that you need to develop a certain aspect of you life better. Such as unconditional love or maybe excitement. Dealing with these things may help you cope with your emotional responses better in your waking life.

Dreaming of Someone Else Being in an Accident

This type of dream I kind of relate to pent-up aggression towards an individual. The individual may also be symbolic of a certain aspect of your own personality that you are trying to cope with.  But on the flip side, this could also signify that you’re having anxiety about the persons welfare in your dream.

Dream Meanings of a Car Crash

This is probably a very popular one, as I’ve heard many people having dreams like this. Dreams of car crashes are very common when dealing with your tensions about trying to get somewhere in life, or trying to accomplish your goals.

Maybe you are driving yourself a little too hard, or maybe you’re just a little too eager to get to the top.

Is the car in your dream suddenly spinning out of control and then crashing into a group of people? Then you may want to have your brakes checked or possibly your steering.

Or maybe your unconscious mind is trying to alert you to how recklessly you are living your life. Could it be that you are dangerously losing control of certain aspects of your life? Maybe you’re heading to a dead end because you’ve been living in the fast lane. Take note of who is hit during this dream so you’ll know who is going to be affected by your actions.

Dreams Involving a Plane Crash

Usually if you’re worried about over extending yourself, then you may encounter a dream involving a plane crash. This may have something to do with a certain project or maybe something at work. Even something like not being able to pay your bills can cause this sort of dream.

It’s also been common to have these sort of dreams if you’re worried about failing at something, maybe an exam at school, or a specific task or project you’ve taken on at work.

Train Crash Dreams

This kind of dream usually signifies you need to practice extreme caution where financial matters are concerned. It may also represent a stumbling block in your path if you’ve created an exaggerated sense of self-worth.

Dream Meanings of Minor Accidents

Dreaming of Something Falling from Above

If you see something in your dream hanging over you about to fall, this may imply a situation of possible danger to come. If the object actually falls and misses you, then maybe you’ve had a narrow escape from something in your life. If not, then maybe your unconscious mind is giving you a warning to be on the look out for potential danger.

Dreams of Breaking Things

Have you ever had a dream where you were breaking things? Maybe a window or a piece of furniture? This could indicate that there will be changes in your life coming soon. It may also mean that you want to change the direction your life is heading. So if your dream involves a car crash and you breaking things, then pay close attention to this concept.

If you are simply dropping or smashing things in your dream, this may mean you need to let go of something. Either a project, relationship or maybe even an idea you have.

The significance of what is actually being dropped or broken may help you discover what you’re trying to tell yourself.

If none of these scenarios apply to you, then maybe you are experiencing regret for something you let slip through your fingers.

Dreaming of Burning Things

Accidentally setting something on fire could suggest intense emotions or passionate feelings at play. This could also suggest that you are in desperate need of taking some time off to relax. Maybe you are due for a vacation.

Getting Cut in Your Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you received a cut, this could suggest you’ve been let down or undervalued for something. If the cuts appear on your legs, then there is an imbalance or an inability to stand up for yourself.

If you are actually cutting yourself in your dream, then you are probably experiencing some overwhelming turmoil or issues in life. This is your unconscious mind trying to disassociate yourself from your discomfort or pain.

Dreams of Farting or Burping in Public

I know this all sounds funny, but it’s a very serious matter indeed. If you’ve accidentally farted or burped in public, then you’ve probably been passive-aggressive. This could mean you need to express your emotions in a more direct manner.

To Slip, Trip or Stumble in Your Dreams

If in your dream you’ve slipped of made a slip of the tongue, then maybe you’ve been doing thing that you really didn’t want to do, or possibly saying things that you didn’t mean.

If you’ve stumbled but didn’t fall, then you may have obstacles coming up in your life that you will conquer. If you actually do fall, then there are probably obstacles coming up that you will need to find a way around.

If you’re slipping or trying to traverse uphill to no avail, then you may of taken on more than you can handle and you’re in danger of falling back.

To trip or stumble in your dreams could mean something is out of control in your life. Something you need to deal with. Maybe things are not going as smoothly as you would like and you’re faced with some small obstacles. This could also indicate that your self esteem needs a boost.

Well I’m sorry this was such a long post, but I tried to compile it in as few of words as possible. But there are just so many great scenarios to cover for dream meanings and I wanted to try and give you as many examples as I could. So I hope you will be able to apply some of these to your own dreams and maybe help get a little more understanding of what you’re dreaming about.
Next week we will cover Action/Adventure dream meanings, but I feel we got a pretty good start on the series. If you’ve missed any of the previous posts on Dreams then you can find by clicking here –> Dreams Series

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  1. I just want to say I had a dream about my boyfriend flipping a car multiple times. We were doing some kind of field experiment with a group of people I was on a bus and 3 other people are driving a car, my boyfriend being one of the 3. In my dream the only people I remember is me and my boyfriend I know that there was two people in the car following behind the bus along with people on the bus but I cannot make out any of those people. At one point the bus and the cars following us stops I saw three different cars driving down a sidewalk. i told my boyfriend over the phone to look at the cars since we were all stopped then we were off the phone and before we realized it the bus was moving there was a gap between his car and the bus so he tried to catch up with the bus when I seen him catching up to the bus I told myself that he was going to flip the car worried about it then the car lost control. It flipped multiple times i watched his body fly around inside the car. Since i was on a bus i told the bus driver to stop…i ran off the bus in tears over to my boyfriend and the car. My boyfriend didnt have any major injuries he was aware of what happened he just ripped clothes. Then i woke up.

  2. I had a dream that I was in a car and my ex-girlfriend and my two kids where in the teens I was driving she was in the back my daughter in the front muscle in the back a plane hits the back of a truck of the car then a car hit the back of my car everyone was okay but I was paralyzed I remember going somewhere but don’t know where.

  3. I had a dream that I was following a s10 truck an I was also in a truck an I lost control an hit several pune trees I could fell the trees hitting the truck Ann the truck rolling to a stop. I tried to get up but couldn’t my face was barrier in the seats I just listened for someone to get me out

  4. I dreamt of people i dont know showing me how they crashed and survived. Then one was taken to sea by somesort of water creature almost like it healed the old woman and her husband was the one telling me the story.

    I think this dream is telling me not to worry anymore. Be care free live because what evrr happens depending on my choices i will be cared for.

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